Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bleeding Gums

Do you have bleeding gums???

Do not worry…you will know why it takes place and what can be done.

There are various reasons for  bleeding gums

Bleeding due to Oral hygiene:
One hour after brushing we will be able to find a thin layer of pasty substance deposited onto our teeth. This is called plaque. This plaque when left without brushing for 24 hours will become hard and stick on to the teeth like a chalk piece and is difficult to remove it with only brushing.  Dental cleaning has to be done for removing this calculus. This deposit from soft to hard will have numerous number of pathogenic bacteria which are harmful to the gums and bone. These bacteria when left without dental cleaning will infect the gums which becomes swollen and cause bleeding.
This bleeding will become stagnant in a long term and cause bad breath/ malodor issues.

Bleeding due to  pregnancy:
During pregnancy hormones are over active in our body and these hormones will cause gum swelling which leads to more plaque deposits onto the tooth which indirectly cause bleeding gums. Thin knife edged gums are healthy and easy to clean. Swollen gums become more plaque retentive and cause bleeding gums.

Drugs and bleeding gums:
Various drugs increase the bleeding tendency of the gums. Most common are certain drugs used for  Blood pressure (BP),
Special kids given drugs for mental development face bleeding gums due to overgrown gums.
Drugs used for epilepsy can cause gum overgrowth and bleeding while brushing is common in gum over growth cases.

Long term poor maintenance or adequate care when these symptoms are seen  will lead to loosing the teeth sooner or later.

Based on the severity and status of the gums there are various options to treat this condition. Dental cleaning, LANAP (Laser assisted new attachment procedure) also called  Laser  gum treatment.

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