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Why  Laser? What are the treatments which have Laser options?
Laser is an effective and painless procedure for  various dental procedures. If your are anxious about the pain caused due to dental injection or looking for a more comfortable and safety option Laser dentistry must be your choice. The application of dental lasers in dental field has expanded and the patients are provided with a minimal pain and recovery time.
Advantages of Laser Dentistry
1. Procedures done using Soft tissue Lasers may not require Sutures (Stitches)
2. With Lasers injection might not be required for certain procedures
3. Lasers minimises the bleeding and helps clotting of blood immediately after the procedure.
4. Bacterial infections are minimized
5. Post operative pain and discomfort is very minimal
6. Wound created by Laser heals faster
Treatments that can be done with the use of LASERS
1. Gum swellings
2. LANAP also called as Laser gum surgery for infected gums
3. Laser assissted root canal treatments
4. Gum colour lightening using lasers (gum depigmentation)
5. Laser Teeth whitening
6. Laser gum reshaping
7. Wart removal
and a lot more options for use of Lasers in Dentistry especially in cosmetic dentistry.
Infected and swollen gums treated with Lasers without the use of sutures or without and excessive bleeding. 100% patient comfort can be anticipated in Laser treatments.

Laser crown lengthening, for patients who are not satisfied with the length of their teeth and feel that their teeth are shorter, Laser crown lengthening is a simple procedure which gives an immediate post op result with visible increase in length of teeth with very minimal pain and discomfort.

Lip repositioning : When the frenum muscle is attached at a very high position adequate cleaning of the teeth will not be possible hence it will lead to pain in the gums and deposits in the teeth which weakens the teeth in a long term. 
For these conditions, conventional lip repositioning can be done. The best choice with minimal patient discomfort is with the use of Lasers. The increase in the depth of lip sulcus is clearly visible on the 7th day and this can be maintained by proper brushing and regular dental visits.

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