Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Missing teeth??......See the consequences.. Confused with options??? Here are the pros and cons of each option, Choose the best yourself!

Missing teeth.....A SERIOUS ISSUE...

During Initial stages of teeth removal
During initial stages you can see nothing but an empty space which has difficulty in chewing

Later Effects of missing teeth when left unattended
Long term missing teeth(> 2yrs for some) in the upper jaw has caused the adjacent teeth to move and create gaps which has lead to food accumulation and decay
This will lead to compromising the health of the decayed teeth which when left un treated leads to loosing those teeth as well
                                         Fig: 3
Missing teeth for a long term leading to dis use bone atrophy ( bone loss due to disuse)
Health of bone will be maintained even in very old age with the presence of healthy teeth, as chewing will stimulate and maintain an optimal bone health 

Long term tooth missing will change the allignment of the teeth, the lower teeth tend to grow into the space available in the upper empty space, the adjacent teeth tend to rotate/ move backwards or slide forward changing the chewing pattern in a long run, leading to head ache, inability to chew food properly, indigestion (as >50% of the digesion takes place when the food is chewed and mixed with the saliva) (image ref: Fig 4, Fig 5)

With the problems caused by missing teeth the best option is to replace it! but how?

Here are the options...

Removable dentures...

Is that an option?  Yes It WAS!!! 30yrs back
Now it is considered unethical practise in most cases to give a removable denture when there is adequate health of the patient to support a permanent prosthesis.
Difficult to maintain, inability to taste and chew food due to the availability of the pink plate here, also casuses bone loss due to pressure on a long term

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges take support from either side of the missing teeth region and a dummy tooth like process is given. Intentionally adjacent healthy tooth has to be grinded to provide support for the missing teeth. Based on the edentulous span the number of supporting teeth will increase.
Bridge on the Lt side shows 2 teeth from which support has taken to build 3 teeth has failed by 4-5yrs due to occurance of decay underneath the cap of the bridge (lt, last but 1 tooth, molar)

Dental Implants....

Latest (in field for more than a decade) but recently preferred more by patients due to its natural approach of not disturbing the healthy adjacent teeth and longivity with proper maintenance and follow up visits.
This is called a natural approach because it depicts nature more or less by taking support from the bone like the roots of the natural teeth. Maintenance is easy like regular brushing. Periodic visits and following the instructions given by the dentist personalised for a particular patient is mandatory.

Next day after placement of implants, minimal bleeding and post operative discomfort

Fixing teeth on the 3rd day

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

ATTENION PLS!!!...Have Dental check up by your 30's, it will save a lot in your 60's.....PREVENTIVE DENTAL TREATMENT!

Preventive dental care is a recent concern for the present generation, which actually shows the development of Indian mentality and standards as well.

When you get a pain in your tooth go visit the dentist was the case even 5yrs before, but now as a dentist I am indeed happy to hear patients say, I have come for a regular dental checkup. Which is surprising and at the same time very proud to see how educated our generation has become, if not for them at least for their kids.

Preventive dentistry is not only for Kids but also available for adults.
Preventive dentistry basically includes a dental check up on a regular bases, at home, trying to adapt certain habitual changes like brushing, food habits etc for the goodness of dental health.
In a dental clinic, trying to understand the importance of certain preventive dental treatments like

1. Dental cleaning of teeth (once a year for healthier gums)
2. Fluoride application (to prevent decay)
3. Application of pit and fissure sealants (to prevent formation of decay in the grooves)
4. Use of dentist prescribed fluoride paste (3M- Clinpro, to prevent decay in high prone individuals)
5. Use of remineralising paste in case of white specks identified by dentists which can became dental decay. (GC- tooth mousse)
6. Use of floss and mouth rinses (prevents food getting stuck inbetween teeth)
7. Orthodontic treatment at an earlier stage (Clip for kids above 12yrs, to be checked by 12 yrs)

In our clinic we use all the latest technologies in preventive dental care. We help to educate the patients regarding the importance of earlier detection of dental needs and treating them earlier which could save them a lot of money in the later stages.

You know "Prvention is better than cure" always also cheaper than curing charges...

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