Saturday, 20 June 2015

DENTAL PROBLEMS so Simple Yet Complicated!....with a Thought!

It has been quite a long time after the last post, May be i have given some time to think about my last post myself!
Whats the point in just showing the problems which already people have and they are facing???? Lets Give a solution for it....

So, Its a continuation of my previous post......Those who have not read the previous post, i would refer them there to know the problems of a long term missing tooth and the problems that it could give to you as a patient and this blog is about how long term missing has made our job more challenging and what has been done to the best of our ability to give our BEST to the patient in need!

With minimal space between 2 teeth a single implant was placed and tooth size will be seen below

Right and the Left side very minimal space for replacement of a Molar which by itself is more than 11mm width

Upper molar region replaced with implants

Side view of a lower molar region

Right side upper and lower molar missing

Xray view showing the minimal space and bone quality of a long term missing tooth

Lower molar region (see the bone quality due to long term missing)

Lower molar region with good root like support the implant is always a better option

Healing upper cap given with a metal island

Right and Left lower molars Crowned (RCT treated tooth with Permanent crown rest all healing crowns) 

I had a good set of dentition once before will never be said by a person if he/she could take care of the teeth from the very early stages.

*** A thought!
I happened to have a Beautiful couple as my patients recently, they are married for 35yrs now, Yes! they are above their 60's and i could'nt believe my eyes, they had a set of dentition of a 25yr old. 
I learnt it from them when they said if we have the will to keep our teeth healthy till the end of our life we CAN!
Its so simple Yet Complicated! 
Pulling out a teeth is not a solution, You need your arms and legs and other organs till the end, likewise each teeth has a role to play, donot neglect it just because you have 32 of them!!!

Replace them for a better chewing capability, Jaw Joint harmony and better health of the other teeth.

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