Monday, 14 September 2015


Worried about holes in teeth???About 80-90% people have holes in teeth...but how are you going to be suffering less than others both in terms of cost and agony??? For that you have to know the right time for treatment...

        Basically a cavity /caries/decay are holes in the teeth that are formed due to structural damage of the tooth by acids-the product of your oral germs(bacteria) and saliva acting over sugar and starch produced from what you eat!!!especially candy,milk,cakes,sticky junk foods!!!!!!
         Decay commonly occur in children..but it has no age bar.Anybody can get decay anytime.
The favorite areas of decay are pits and fissure on your biting surface,in-between two teeth,neck of the  tooth as gums receded due to age and even around already existing filling.
           Symptom and treatment go hand in hand.the more severe the symptoms are the more complicated is the treatment !
And a tooth has three layers...the deeper the tooth structure is eaten by the acid..the more severe the symptoms gets.
Part of tooth     

Enamel-the outermost layer of
a tooth   
Early stage-chalky white discoloration
Black to brown holes on the biting surface with food getting lodged in it or between teeth    
Fluoride application as prophylaxis
Drilling the infected portion and filling
Dentin-the second layer
Black to brown holes with sensitivity on taking hot or cold drinks  
Drilling the infected  portion and filling. Cap may/may not be required based on structure lost

Touching the pulp-the nerve portion of the tooth and bone surrounding the lower end of tooth 
Pain at nights or at chewing ranging from mild to severe, intermittent to continuous...
Root canal treatment followed by cap
Almost all structures lost  severely 
 Pain +/- 
Swelling +/-
Extraction or pulling the tooth out

The layers affected can be diagnosed with the help of a x-ray .
The treatment costs increases from filling to root canal treatment.

The most common problem for a dental visit is cavity.Cavities are literally noted by any patient  as early as black holes in teeth.That is when a visit to a dentist is recommend to have simpler and cheaper treatment..delaying will shortlist the treatment and eventually may end up in losing the teeth....more than that think of so much mental agony you need to undergo when not treated at the minimal damage stage.....
Bottom-line:the early you seek ur dentists help...the chances of survival of your tooth is more!!!!!!!!

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  1. The post is very helpful.. symptom n treatment part can be little more clear... very informative.