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VARIOUS DOUBTS arise before and after removal of a tooth.

Extraction of tooth is always a nightmare for most of us, but when a condition arises where noting can be done and removal of tooth is the only option there is no other go but to go with the option.
Certain thing you should take care before and after removal of tooth to avoid any post extraction pain or swelling.

Before removal of a tooth
1. It is better to be under an antibiotic coverage (start a course 1 day before) for a highly infected tooth or incase of wisdom tooth removal.

2. Donot postpone the appointment too much after a dignosis has been made to remove the tooth, postponing will lead to the infection being in your mouth for a longer period of time which will eventually lead to a swelling and you cannot expect to have a painless extraction after that.

3. Medicines are always temporary when given before any treatment, be it tooth removal or root canal or any long dental procedures, so kindly donot just have medicines and postpone your appointments.

4. Every dentists will treat you to the best of his ability to releive you from your pain, so kindly follow the instructions given.

After removal of a tooth
1. The most important thing to do is to not spit or gargle for the next 8hrs, because a blood clot will be formed and this clot is very much helpful in healing, if you spit or grgle the clot will be washed out and the wound will be raw and cause enormous amout of pain which will last for weeks even if you do any treatment for that. (usually called a dry socket)

2. As everyone will be aware....say no to spicy or hot foods for the next 2 days and meds to be taken on time for the prescribed period of time.

3. Do not touch the wound with fingers to check it, infection from the hands might get transferred.

Doing all these, you will never be scared to remove a tooth anymore otherwise the very thought of going to a dentist might give a bad feeling in your stomach!

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