Saturday, 26 September 2015

                     Smoking kills the gums to begin with....

    One more reason that is gearing up to say NO SMOKING is that you having to move around tooth less...!

Yes,smoking can cause gum problems and loosening of tooth..... and here is HOW..!

Disease masking:                     
                Smokers usually have four fold increased risk for gum problems than non-smokers. Smokers don't usually have pronounced swelling ,redness and bleeding from gums which generally are the marker for the gum disease in non-smoking people-the gingivitis stage.This is because the nicotine present in cigarettes shrinks the blood vessels and weaken that basic response.The alarm rings only the when.. gum disease has progressed to bone level,leaving you with late stage symptoms such as receding gums,bone loss,loosening of gum grip forming pockets between your tooth and its gum-the periodontitis stage.This is called disease masking.Turning up to a dentist at the early bleeding gums stage can put your teeth at better salvation where as later stage treatment compromises... smokers may not have the former choice !!!


Relation between smoking and gum disease is high and why?

  •    Double the risk when compared to non-smoker
  •    The more no. of cigarettes smoked....the more is the risk of gum disease
  •    The longer you smoke...the more is the risk
  •    Smoking makes harder for gums to heal.

          Having eye-opened for smokers regarding the gum health,treatment at various levels of gums diseases is explained below

  • Scaling -cleaning
  • Curettage and root planing-deeper scaling.Cleaning with lasers has additional advantages(LANAP)
  • Flap surgery-surgical reflection of gum and then cleaning the root portion of the teeth visibly
  • Bone graft-natural or synthetic bone grafts induce growth of bones around teeth and gums.
                                                             LASER CLEANING


BOTTOM-LINE: Quit smoking..! or never start in the first place to save your teeth and life !!!!!

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