Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bridge ain't a BAD Option!!! you can still go for it!

Fixed Replacement of a MISSING Tooth/teeth is narrowed down  to 2 Options now

1.   Dental Bridges

2.   Dental Implants

While Dental Implants show a lot of recent advances and without any doubt It being one of the best options to replace a missing tooth, Bridges are still in practice. Its not a bad option when you feel you fear any surgical replacement option or you want to be easy on your pocket. ( It still has its drawbacks though)

A bridge is a fixed dental restoration which joins artificial teeth to the adjacent teeth permanently.
It helps in
1. Restoring your smile
2. Restore ability to chew and speak
3. Maintain the shape of your face and cheek fullness
4. Prevents remaining teeth from drifting from its position.

Root canal treated teeth reduced in size to be taken support from

The natural teeth aiding support for the bridge

Fabricated bridge (missing lower to be replaced with implants)

Restoring smile, cheek fullness, and chewing!

Drawbacks of Bridge
1. Destructive: Bridge requires to reduce the size of the supporting teeth, those teeth may loose the vitality (damage the nerves)
2. This leads to do an intentional rootcanal for those teeth
3. Inability to maintain proper oral hygiene as the bridge is one continuous unit
4. Patient might feel heavy if its a metal ceramic restoration
5. With poor oral hygiene later the supporting teeth might get damaged in the roots which leads to removal of those teeth as well.

Looks like bridges are less expensive than implants but in a long run implants are a one time investment that aids good chewing and there by an investment on your health!

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