Wednesday, 14 October 2015

M_ISS_ING T_ ETH ! IMPLANTS with no doubt a BEST choice!!!

As mentioned in our earlier posts Implants without any doubt are the best guilt free options for replacing missing teeth.......

It is guilt free for a dentist because we are not destroying the vitality of the adjacent natural teeth for the sake of providing a bridge and also adjacent teeth are not burdened to take the load of the missing teeth as in the case of bridges. 

Few images down here will show the result of a long term use of bridge and its ill effects affecting the gums and tooth grounded just to provide a bridge.

Missing tooth replaced with bridge by grinding adjacent tooth

Poor oral hygiene due to the bridge cap material also ill fitting crown ove the reduced tooth

Bridge removed and implant placed on the same day

2 separate Crowns placed with temporary crown over the impant

the inside view. 2 separate crowns help patients to maintain a good oral hygiene rather than united crowns

The procedure can be done in 2 visits with placing implant on day 1 and fixing crowns on the 3rd day, healing will be excellent with very minimal discomfort for the patient and this particular system is suited for all ages, diabetics etc.

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