Friday, 23 October 2015

Seasonal Tooth Ache! Why does it insight!

Its Rainy season and there is always a belief that getting your tooth ache treated will aggravate problems in this season!

Lets know the Logic behind what happens during this season in our body

There is a connection between Allergies and Tooth ache:
Allergy related tooth ache can present as an ache, sensitivity to hot or cold, pain even in change of position like sitting or standing. It usually happens in the upper back teeth.

What happens is that it when your body's immune system gears up when you catch a cold mucous fills up the sinus cavities which are above the roots of the your upper back teeth these cavities which are supposed to be empty when clogged with mucous secretions, irritate the teeth and cause pressure pain. This occurs in case if there is no decay of any sort in the teeth and it is purely sinusitis which vanishes when you take meds for cold.

Other cases like when there is a deep decay which has infected the nerves within the teeth, this infection causes severe pain, when the sinusitis occurs in this season for the same person the reason is due to both the teeth and cold so teeth has to be treated to avoid the pain completely otherwise it will lead to swelling and more complications occur if left untreated. So its better to get treated than to avoid treatment blaming the season!.

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