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                                       BAD BREATH

              Bad breath can be a result of your poor oral hygiene or it may be an indication of your other heath problems.Most bad breath starts in your mouth.Bad breath or Halitosis can be embarrassing but it is quite a common problem and has possible number of causes which can easily be prevented or treated.The possible causes for bad breath are

  •    Poor oral hygiene-food particles stuck is a attraction site for bacterial growth resulting in decay and gum disease.Uneven surface of tongue harbors bacteria
  •   Eating food with strong odor-garlic and onions.As you digest these food they enter the blood stream and to lungs.The odor will not completely go until the food is eliminated from the body
  •   Strong smelling drinks such as coffee and alcohol can cause bad breath.
  •   Smoking or chewing tobacco related products
  •   Mouth infections like impacted teeth
  •   Nose,throat infections 
  •   Acid reflex 
  •   Ill-fitting denture
  •   Dry mouth- resulting from decreased flow of saliva.Saliva cleanses the mouth and removes particles that may cause odor.
  • Halitophobia- Psychological fear of bad breath even in the absence of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Check your bad breath:
            Having bad breath is bad enough but not knowing that you do is even worse.Testing yourself is difficult because the location your opening to nose from mouth and also the nose receptor cells get used to the smell.One can't literally smell their own breath.When people used to rub their noses and step back while you are talking,you got your clue.But there are many other ways of finding it out which is as follows

  • Ask someone:First way is an obvious one.Just ask someone else what they think .You can choose a significant other to get this job done.Or a Dentist in your next appointment.

  • Wrist test:Some people check for bad breath by cupping their hands to the nose.But it's just the smell of your hands.Inside of your wrist is not constantly handling things and so Lick the inside of your wrist and let it dry for few seconds.This gives the true reading of your breath.
              Wrist test

  • Bad taste:Another way is if you have bad taste..you sure have bad breath too.

  • Cotton test:Use the cotton gauze and wipe the back of your tongue and sniff it.If it smells bad ,your breath does.if the saliva gunk in the cotton gauze is of yellowish shade ,it implies than you have breath problems.

  • Floss test:Use Dental floss between the teeth where usually food gets stuck and the smells of the floss is the smell of your breath.

  • Spoon test:Use a spoon to scrape out the back of your tongue.Inspect the saliva gunk ,the darker the color the thicker is the saliva and so does the intensity of smell.

Fight bad breath:
        The bad smell from your mouth is due to volatile sulfur compounds , the product of bacteria over food.Visit a dentist.Most of our effort lie in fighting against the bacterial build up.We inspect for the cause in the mouth like deposits,gum problems,decay,impacted teeth , dry mouth and so on and treat it.If the smell is not due to mouth you are generally referred to physician to check for other problems like respiratory infections ,diabetes,gastric ulcers and so on. 
  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss everyday
  • Clean your tongue which is the main source of bad smell.It is the most important of all.
  • Quit smoking and tobacco related products
  • Drink a lot of water.keep your mouth hydrated
  • Remove your dentures at night and Clean your dentures every morning 
  • Use natural mouth fresheners like mint,anise seeds or fennel and parsley.
  • Be aware of odorous food.Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol
  • Get regular dental check-ups
Tongue cleaning-using back of your brush which has serrations

Regular practice of all the above can make you free from bad breath.

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