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         As a parent you might be wondering how to keep you child away from oral problems.Babies are born with teeth hidden inside the gums.Teeth shows up their head out of the gums from 6 months on-wards.Teeth that comes out are healthy only when the gums are healthy.Thus, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene practice even before tooth comes out.At the age of 3, Kids have all their baby teeth erupted.Its starts falling out from the age of 6.Most permanent teeth come out by the age of 12-13.Gaps between baby teeth are normal as they make room for permanent teeth.Make your child Tooth-tastic by the following ways....!

0-2 years:
      Age for bottle feeding.Leaving the baby sleep at nights with the bottle will lead to a serious problem of decay in all the baby teeth.This is called Nursing bottle decay. so,
#Avoid bottle feeding. Even if, wipe the gum pad and teeth with clean damp cloth after feeding.
#Brush with soft bristles twice daily
#visit your family dentist at this stage to screen.
Effect of feeding bottle
3-5 years:
    Age of all baby teeth.
#Make brushing enthusiastic.Using pea-sized amount of Fluoride tooth paste ,brush twice day.Early morning and right before bed.Make sure they don't swallow the paste.
#Make them stop the thumb-sucking and use of pacifiers.
#Report a dentist if you note anything black or make your visit regular every 6 months once.                                

no pacifiers

6-9 years:
  Age of  falling out.
#Kids have their baby teeth falling out.Reassure your kids that falling out of baby teeth is normal and that's the way  strong Adult teeth put their thumbs up !
#Have a good check of deposits on teeth and decay in the back tooth.

10-12 years:
  Age of final transition
#From about 7-12,your child's front tooth may appear big with big gaps.But,that's all okay ! It is a part of normal called Ugly duckling stage.
ugly duckling stage-gap between front tooth

13 and above:
 Age of Adult teeth.The teenage people have utmost care to look handsome and beautiful !!And Yeah!That's when all the adult teeth have come out in their destined position.
#Have attention to the child's tooth alignment.
#Remind them fresh breath and healthy smile is part of the personality.
#Regular visit to dentist is recommended every 6 months once
Role of dentist in Teen

In a nut-shell:
  • Avoid bottle feeding 
  • Brush Twice a day
  • Teach flossing
  • Fluoride tooth paste at 3-12 years
  • Teach good habits.No thumb sucking,pencil biting,pushing force on tooth by tongue,Lip biting,chalk eating
  • Stop pacifiers at 3
  • Less use of candies and sticky food.
  • Motivate kids on healthy smile
  • Don't neglect your child's complaint.
  • Regular dental check-up from first b'day continues 6 months once. 

Your health habits in baby boom years will have dramatic effect in their future.

Bottom-line:A stitch in time saves nine !

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