Monday, 21 December 2015

Can a dental treatment reduce your blood SUGAR level?..... or any other systemic problems....

There is an article in fashion magazine reminding the public that tooth brushing and flossing can save their lives! Can this be true? .....Can this be taken for granted?.....

YES! most cases it is taken for granted, because people visit a dentist only if they get pain or something that disturbs their regular life pattern. Its high time that atleast from this generation people become aware of the fact that mouth is a part of Your body which also needs a special attention for maintaining your general health.

The common link between oral health and systemic disease is inflammation. 

What is inflammation?
Inflammation is nothing but, when you fall down on a hard surface and you get a bruise, the immediate reaction will be redness, warmth, bleeding sometimes, a mild swelling around the wound and pain... Right?....

Yes the same thing occurs in your gums if they are not healthy enough. This occurs when the deposits in your mouth stay there for a long time they decompose and  turn as a loci for bacteria to thrive in. this will cause inflammation of your gums. So the bacteria if still in there through the blood circulation in the gums it will reach the inside of your body!... Yes after all mouth and inside organs all are in one home, Your body!....

Along with this the inflammed gums will produce some chemical substances that will cause the inflammation / cell damage of your inside organs!.....

What we do.....we usually get treatment only for the organs/ systems inside like Diabetes, Hypertention, Obesity, etc ....But studies prove that if gum disease persists the systemic diseases cannot be cured thoroughly.

It is important to treat the gums and teeth also along with systemic treatment for an overall good health.

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Teeth Grinding:Effects and treatment

                            Have you ever told you grind teeth at nights even without your knowledge?
Do you wake up with pain in the jaws?Do you have tooth worn?or loose ?or broken?IF so, you have teeth grinding or teeth clenching which in medical terms is called Bruxism.Mostly Bruxism is an unconscious habit , you clench your teeth or grind unintentionally at inappropriate times. Bruxers usually don't realize until enough damage has already been done to teeth and jaw.
                            The common cause for bruxism is stress and anxiety.Other cause is abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth .                                                                                                              
Teeth grinding-Bruxism

Signs and symptoms:

  • Dull ,constant headache or sore jaw when you wake up is the common symptom
  • Teeth appears fractured or flat due to wearing
  •  Receding gums 
  •  Loose teeth 
  •  Sensitivity
  •  Jaw pain
  •  Ear pain         
  •  Jaw muscles get bigger and thicker         
  • Clicking sound in head-skull joint                                                                                                              
    wearing of teeth,receding gums
Treating Bruxism:

                         The goals of treatment include reducing the stress, removing the pain,preventing the permanent damage to teeth and to reduce the actual clenching.
                          Stress counseling,meditation,exercise,visiting a therapist help in managing stress
                          Prescribing muscle relaxants and treating the cause will reduce the pain
                          Avoiding alcohol, caffeine,chewing gum and relaxing your face often is recommended.
                          Most common treatment is the use of occlusal splint known as mouth guard or night guard.This will protect the teeth from wearing off                                                                                                                                            
Using night guards
                          Correction of mal-aligned teeth by relieving high or stress points.
                          The use of mouth guard is a conventional treatment for bruxism.The recent advancement in use of Botox injection.Botox injection commonly used with cosmetic procedure now aid in keeping bruxism under control.Although mouth guards protect the teeth successfully from damage during nights,they fail stopping the painful effects of tooth grinding unlike botox.

Help from botox:
                           Botox is injected to the largest muscle that is associated with the movement of the jaw.This will weaken the muscle enough to stop the involuntary teeth grinding and thus significantly reduces the damaging effect on teeth and jaw.Need not worry about the voluntary movments such as chewing and smiling as botox dont affect them.Botox don't serve complete cure for bruxism but effective than nightguards in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms.The botox shot given renders its help for 3-4 months.

Know about Bruxzir:
                           Dental treatment such as filling and crowns becomes  a challenge to bruxers,as anything thats been put will be ground off.In that case....Newer advancement of crowns for bruxers is a solid zirconia crowns called BRUXZIR.The advantages of Bruxzir crown are it is cosmetically superior and does not chip with the biting forces by bruxers as well.

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