Monday, 21 December 2015

Can a dental treatment reduce your blood SUGAR level?..... or any other systemic problems....

There is an article in fashion magazine reminding the public that tooth brushing and flossing can save their lives! Can this be true? .....Can this be taken for granted?.....

YES! most cases it is taken for granted, because people visit a dentist only if they get pain or something that disturbs their regular life pattern. Its high time that atleast from this generation people become aware of the fact that mouth is a part of Your body which also needs a special attention for maintaining your general health.

The common link between oral health and systemic disease is inflammation. 

What is inflammation?
Inflammation is nothing but, when you fall down on a hard surface and you get a bruise, the immediate reaction will be redness, warmth, bleeding sometimes, a mild swelling around the wound and pain... Right?....

Yes the same thing occurs in your gums if they are not healthy enough. This occurs when the deposits in your mouth stay there for a long time they decompose and  turn as a loci for bacteria to thrive in. this will cause inflammation of your gums. So the bacteria if still in there through the blood circulation in the gums it will reach the inside of your body!... Yes after all mouth and inside organs all are in one home, Your body!....

Along with this the inflammed gums will produce some chemical substances that will cause the inflammation / cell damage of your inside organs!.....

What we do.....we usually get treatment only for the organs/ systems inside like Diabetes, Hypertention, Obesity, etc ....But studies prove that if gum disease persists the systemic diseases cannot be cured thoroughly.

It is important to treat the gums and teeth also along with systemic treatment for an overall good health.

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Wait for the our next post to visualise how the gum problem vanishes with our Laser gum treatment done by our specialised team. You can see more real patient photos to see for yourself how the gums look before and after treatment. A wonderful transition, and how it has affected the psychological and systemic status of the patient.

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