Sunday, 25 December 2016

Ever thought about an alternative for the Conventional DENTAL BRIDGES!

An Alternative for the conventional dental bridges...


Resin bonded bridges  consist of a cast metal framework that is cemented with resin composite to an abutment which has been prepared to receive .
These framework engages metal wing over the sound enamel of the tooth which is necessary for the success of the bridges .
The primary advantage of these bridges are when debonding occurs ,only the retainer attached to the tooth breaks off whereas the adjacent  tooth appears normal without any damage.
Resin bonded bridges replacing front teeth


Main principle of these bridges are minimal invasiveness.
These bridges are financially and biologically cost effective.
Retention of these bridges occurs by resin cements over the etched enamel.


Better alternative for resin boned bridges.
These are metal free tooth replacements, reinforced by incorporating a composite with polyethylene fibre.,high strength oxide ceramics.
Polyethylene fibres are 6 times stronger than steel.
These bridges are successfully used as multiple unit prosthesis
FRC-Fibre reinforced composite
These kind of bridges are
  •    Durable,
  •    Flexible
  •    Attains good compliance 

  • Tooth loss  in case of trauma
  • Physically changed(to reduce the number of visits to the Dental clinics)
  • Periodontally compromised 
  • Space maintainer in ortho treatments
  • In growing people(teenage group)

Drawbacks of there bridges :
There are some negative impacts present over these bridges which includes :
  • Repeated debonding occurs.
  • Increased chair side time for incorporation of these bridges .

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Friday, 23 December 2016

When do you need a Rootcanal?.....

In this part we have shared some points regarding root canal treatment


Root canal treatment is a procedure involving complete removal of infected pulp(inner layer containing blood vessel) and replacing the canal with compact filling material.
In short terms called as RCT , also includes complete cleaning and shaping of the canal.
The Dentist usually carries RCT only when some of the clinical findings are seen as signs that need root canal.
After removal of infected pulp by RCT tooth looks like,
After pulp removal


In certain clinical conditions such as :
  • Severe tooth ache
  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Recurrent boils 

Any one of these clinical findings exists the Dentist will decide the treatment plan for management.


Sever toothache occurs due to untreated decay as it will progress to create pain and damage to the teeth structure.(Because the decay causing bacteria will destroy the tooth)
Here the root canal treatment plays a major role to save the tooth from further destruction(if only the remaining tooth structure  is adequate for the procedure).



Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity.
It occurs due to exposure of inner layers when the outer layer got removed, so that when exposed to hot or cold or sweets causes sensitivity.
When the inner pulp getting exposed RCT should be carried by the Dentist
In some people extreme sensitivity due to worn off tooth structure ,it is advisable to maintain the crown height by crowns accompanied by RCT


People concern increases towards the esthetics.
In certain traumatic conditions ,the tooth get discolored because of death pulp results in non-vitality(the tooth becomes irresponsible)
There are certain conditions that affect the esthetics (e.g: fluorosis,amelogenesis imperfecta,dentinogenesis imperfecta.)
In these conditions ,whether enamel or dentin will be defective so that it easily exposes the pulp,  root canal treatment should be decided than the crowns should be given by the Dentist.

Gum boils are the collective source of infection
Occurs as a result of improper oral hygiene , bacteria starts to destroy the gums and appear as frequent boils.
Drainage of the boils should be accompanied by root canal therapy for complete eradication of bacteria, to prevent further infection.
Finding the sinus pathway using GP in frequent boil

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Do you have a well formed Tooth Enamel?....An imperfect enamel formation can cause some issues!!

Well Formed teeth are composed of Enamel in the outermost layer, seen in the crown portion. It is harder in density than even bone.

What happens when there is defect in this vital structure, the Enamel?


Enamel is a white, hard substance that protects the inner structures, does not  have any nerves and blood vessels.
Hardness of the enamel is due to the crystals and the minerals present in it .
In general the enamel crystals starts growing undergoes maturation and deposition of minerals occurs, any defect in these steps results in weakening of the enamel.
One hereditary condition called as Amelogenesis imperfecta causes enamel alteration.


GENES are the basic molecular units of all our body structures.
For enamel  namely  Amelogenin(AMELX) and Enamelin are responsible for that.
Genetic alteration causes defect in enamel formation.
In this defect it can alter the size,shape, colour and the thickness of enamel.
Mainly strength of the enamel gets affected due to the inverse relationship of minerals and proteins

May be of

  •  Hypoplastic,
  •  Hypomaturation
  •  Hypocalcified
and the teeth might look like




Amelogenesis imperfecta one of the enamel defect compromises the harmony of the smile and their self esteem.
  • The teeth appear opaque white , 
  • Soft and easily exposes the inner layer i.e more yellowish,
  • Tooth sensitivity,
  • Increased caries susceptibility,
  • Poor esthetics,
  • Problem due to  more friable enamel{chip off in fragments}.
When  these problems arise you should consult your Dentist for treatment as it varies depending upon the clinical discomfort you have.


The management depends upon severity of the condition.

  • Immediate desensitization using Universal adhesive agents(primers) for sensitivity.
  • Use of potassium nitrate containing toothpaste as directed by the Dentist .
  • CPP-ACP (a certain form of protein which helps in remineralisation) containing tooth paste is considered to be effective (among the results of certain studies.)
  • Direct layered composite resins, for minimal destroyed esthetic regions
  • In order to manage teeth with weak enamel and compromised esthetics crowns should be given.The tooth structure should be prepared to receive the crowns as the permanent solution. Adhesively inserted full ceramic/metal ceramic/zirconia  crowns.
  • Another emerging concept includes the role of ozone therapy which acts as an adjunct to prolong the role of CPP-ACP containing agents .(activated form of oxygen)
Pre-operative-Appearance of the enamel

    Post operative after receiving the crown
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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

EMERGENCY OR NOT in dental conditions

                   Emergency means a kind of seriousness to get a care and management immediately.

                Absolutely yes.
               There are emergency dental conditions,that should be treated as early as possible.

  • Dental cavity
  • Cavity with pulpal pain (during night)
  • Gum diseases
  • Recurrent Boils 
  • Noticeable swelling 
  • Mouth ulcer
  • Teeth pulled out(milk teeth/permanent teeth)
  • Avulsed/ Knocked out teeth
Dental cavity 

Dental cavity actually is an emergency -it is the initial stage of half of the dental lesions .
If the dental cavity is left without treating for some time the bacteria starts damaging the tooth structure , inner layer having nerves get stimulated and creates pain .Dental cavity also starts spreading to the adjacent healthy teeth.
After insisting this information the Dentist will take care of your teeth and prevent an arising emergency.


Tartar present over the teeth surface 

Every one knows that Gum diseases occurs when proper oral hygiene is not  maintained.
Symptoms includes bleeding while brushing, mild generalised discomfort in the gums.
Gum diseases if left untreated the problem causing bacteria will enter into the bone and spread over it. If you make a visit earlier to the Dentist  he/she will find out the reason and make it as healthy gums.

Gum boil presen over the right side of the back teeth
Gum boils  occur as a collection of infection over the gums.
Boils contain infectious fluid within it.
So that it should be drained earlier  for the relief of pain.
It may be of any size whether small or large boils should be treated as an emergency.
The  Dentist will do a small procedure for draining the infection as a emergency management accompanied by a Root canal treatment if required.

Swelling might occur in a diffuse form.Contains infectious substances similar to boils but unlike that it may involve the sides of the cheek and spread above or below the same. Source of  infection.

will be a carious tooth. The sooner you approach a Dentist, the faster you can avoid serous issues
Serious issues might cause LUDWIGS ANGINA:
A condition with swelling that is bony hard and spreads so easier than the above one .It may spread above and below also block your airway .


Ulcer in your mouth may occur because of many reasons namely vitamin deficiency,gastric problem,cheek bite due to irregularly arranged teeth.
But the normal ulcer should heal within 10 days if not then you need to consult a dentist for its management.


If a tooth was knocked out of fallen due to any accident or something be it milk teeth or permanent you should get advice immediately from the dentist . If  it is  a milk tooth the dentist will evaluate your permanent teeth whether it is damaged or not.

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Why should we be aware of TEETH WEAR???

           we should be aware of things that causes problem to our teeth!!
not only tooth decay causes problem there are many things that causes discomfort .
among those things teeth wear is also one among them.


Teeth wear in general- loss of teeth structures.
Its types includes:

  • Attrition
  • Abrasion
  • Erosion
  • Abfraction

It may occur over  any surfaces(front or back) including height
It occurs in childhood and old age group
It may worn off the teeth


          This question will definitely arise from everyone
while knowing the cause for teeth wear we should be responsible to prevent teeth wear
in order to protect the teeth from damage

  1. Systemic cause -night grinding ,GERD (Stomach problem)
  2. Dietary habits(intake of citrus fruits,pickles ,soft drinks , salt and vinegar crisp,sports drinks,CARBONATED BEVERAGES)
  3. Irregular teeth arrangement,faulty fillings.
  4. other habits - holding of soft drinks in the mouth before swallowing, improper brushing.              


  • exposure of internal teeth structure
  • sensitivity
  • pain 
  • gum diseases          

Our saliva present in the mouth has a good buffering property, in case of acidic ph it reduces and provides minerals for strengthening the teeth structure.but in certain people-gastric acid causes loss of teeth structure at the back side of the teeth . Here the Dentist will help you to manage the teeth wear


Finding the type of teeth wear helps in management of teeth wear
Modes of management :

  • Night grinding habit - provision of occlusal splints/night guards
  • CONSULT A PHYSICIAN  for gastric problem
  • Avoid intake of citrus fruits and beverages
  • Consult your DENTIST regarding proper tooth brushing technique
  • Rehabilitation procedures done by your Dentist -restoration using direct filling resins,crown fabrication with increased height(ceramic/zirconia).
  • For minimal teeth wear Modern approaches includes  ACP gels ,hydroxypatite nano particles are useful
  • Teeth preparation

Bridge placement

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

NEEM in TOOTHPASTE.....The benefits of the same!

                   NEEM !!!  has been used widely for its medicinal and dental properties, in chinese,ayurvedic and unani fields.


As in general we know that neem is well known for its antiseptic property, other benefits include the following
NEEM Acts as an anti-septic,
                 anti-oxidant (prevents causing any stress induced mouth ulcers and any cell damage in the                                        body)
                 anti- diabetic ( Its known to control the blood glucose level)
                 anti-mutagenic (preventing cancer causing cell growth)

NEEM tree is benificial as a whole which includes its

  1.  Regular brushing with neem containing tooth paste used for good oral hygiene maintenance                 
  2. Equally effective acts as an adjunct in treatment of oral diseases
  3. water soluble neem as effective as 0.2 % chlorhexidine / i.e It acts as a mouth wash in reducing bacteria that causes cavity
  4. Neem chewing enhances salivation which thereby prevents cavity formation.
  5. Neem extracts reduce the ability of certain bacteria to bind to the tooth surfaces thereby effective against certain bacteria that causes  root  canal infection
  6. NIMBOLIDE a component of neem has anti cancer effect.
  7. Neem twigs used as oral deodarant ,toothache reliever .
  8. TOPICAL use of neem oil acts as an effective agent for chronic non healing wounds
  9.  Has an inhibitory effect over organisms causing gum diseases
  10. Neem herbal mouth rinse inhibits formation of plaque deposits in patients with  diabetes and dry mouth.
  11. Increases the saliva secretion in people with dry mouth.

neem in general

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Friday, 2 December 2016

"DID YOU KNOW?? THE 6th clinical finding for diabetes identification is GUM DISEASE"

In diabetes there will be multiple changes in our body's response

  • gums might get swollen
  • Gums might bleed
  • structures/ fibres  that support your teeth might become weak
  • shaking & dull pain in your teeth while chewing
  • presence of burning sensation
  • dryness of your mouth
Gum boil as a diabetic manifestation
Spontaneous Bleeding of gums


  1.      If you had lost many teeth and its not because of decay
  2.      If your DOCTOR says your gums are loose and weak
  3.      If X-ray shows presence of bone loss 
  4.      If you get  multiple gum boils frequently
  5.      Taste dysfunction
  6.      Whitish deposits over the tongue due to infection 
  7.      Poor oral wound healing
  8. whitish deposits due to infection 

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

All about GUM DISEASE!!!!

         We are aware of the importance of brushing teeth and having teeth at place.Having all that in mind we forgot the unsung hero-our gums which actually holds the teeth in place,protects from various elements,keep our mouth fresh and healthy and also associated with overall health.GUMS is one the most over worked and usually under appreciated part of the body.We must know the importance of gums as HEALTHY GUMS<------>HEALTHY BODY.

         Gum disease can be proposed as silent killer as we usually don't notice the signs at early stage.Gums disease is caused by bacterial build up in the gum line.The source of bacteria being the deposits in your mouth.The soft deposits can by wiped off by brushing and when this soft deposits hardens due to neglected care,professional help is needed.The bacterial build up in the gum line triggers the immune system causing inflammation and irritation.This is when you notice redness,swollen,puffy gums with bleeding while brushing.This is mildest form of gum disease called gingivitis.If left neglected the connection between the teeth and the gums can be lost by the formation of pocket due to further bacterial build up eats the bone under the gums-severe form.This is when the teeth becomes mobile with doubtful path to salvation.


            left untreated                                         untreated
MILD   ------------->              MODERATE     ------------>           SEVERE
Deposits                             gum detached from tooth                continued bone loss
Redness                              forming pockets                              until teeth falls out
swollen gums                     swelling
bad breathe                         bleeding
bleeding                              pain while chewing
                                            teeth misalignment
                                            sometimes sores
                                            sometimes pus
                                            and bad breathe
                                            Receding gums
The stage can be determined based on the symptoms and bone loss studied under x-ray.


  •  If the body is busy fighting with inflammation with mouth,there will be compromised combat in other areas like in case of lung diseases (COPD,pnemonia)
  •  Bacteria in gums can enter blood stream and accumulate in heart causing heart problems and can also cause stroke.
  •  Diabetes and gum disease have two way relationship.Either of the two can worsen the other.
  •  Studies have found that gum disease and Alzheimer have a connection
  •  Gums disease can cause premature labor


  •  Prevention is always better by proper brushing and maintenance
  •  Milder forms can be treated with professional cleaning called scaling
  •  Moderate form with deeper cleaning called curettage.LASER assisted procedure replaces the conventional procedure and its more effective and its called LANAP.
  •  Cleaning the tooth root by raising the flap can also be performed to save the tooth.
             LANAP is LASER assisted gum regeneration procedure.LASER can target the source of inflammation without hurting the healthy gums,slow or stop down the attachment loss,decreases the pocket and help the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need of scalpel.Thus it is painless procedure,consuming less times and have less post-op effects.

Are you one among the people suffering from gums disease?
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Friday, 30 September 2016

Answers to frequently asked question..part II.Child special !!

Children's special....!!!!!!

Q.1.How do I clean my baby's teeth?
                A soft bristled tooth brush with small head should be used at least once at bedtime.

Q.2.When should I bring my child for first regular dental checkup?
                To prevent dental problems first dental visit is preferred when the child's first tooth come out / right after the first birthday.Regular dental check-ups are recommended once in every two years.Certain kids may require much more frequent dental checkups due to increased susceptibility to decay,unusual growing skeletal pattern or poor oral hygiene.Definite checkups are recommended at the age of 1,6 and 12.Contact your dentist to suggest right appointments for your child.

Q.3.Baby teeth are anyways gonna fall?Are those really important?
                 Primary tooth or baby tooth has its own function.Not only they aid in speaking and chewing ,they act as a guide for the eruption path of the following successor tooth.Deep decay in the baby tooth will also cause pain.Pulling it out is not the solution as the baby teeth has different shedding time.Until the right shedding time they have their assigned work to do.Decay in the baby tooth may also affect the successor.Dentist will suggest you prompt treatment corresponding to the age.

Q.4.What are the harmful habits that I must save my kid from?
              Bottle feeding,thumb sucking,tongue thrusting,lip-biting,nail biting,use of pacifiers are all the harmful habits which may result in decay or poor facial appearance.Children can be restricted from these habits.If not,habit breaking appliance can be used.

Q.5.What is the right way to use tooth paste for my child?
               Choose a tooth paste with IDA seal.Plain paste with no crystals are recommended.Consider a flavor favorable to your kid. Fluorinated tooth paste is must to fight cavities.But the problem is child tends to swallow the paste.Too much ingestion of fluorine is harmful for your child's health and teeth.Thus it is suggested to use only pea-nut size amount of tooth paste.Ask your dentist for suitable tooth paste to your kid.

Q.6.What are the steps to prevent decay?
               Basically brushing is important.Mouth rinsing after chocolates,candy or be it any sticky food helps.Stop the usage of bottle and pacifiers at the right age.Never let your child fall asleep after drinking milk.Milk layer persisted at night and action of bacteria overnight will result in decay.Eating fibrous food will aid in reducing decay.
                As the tooth forms deep crevices called fissure are formed.The union of fissures results in pits.These areas are prone to decay because tooth brush can't really reach that deep.Sealing this area will prevent decay and this is done by DENTAL SEALANTS.Using sealants is a painless and a simple procedure to kids and will often result in major benefit.

Q.7.What to do if my kid knocks out a permanent teeth due to fall?
                  First thing to do is not to panic.Find the tooth,wash it very gently that it is free from mud and try to re-insert in the space.If its not possible place the tooth in milk and report to a dentist immediately

Q.8.How does a space maintainer help?
                    As already mentioned the importance of primary teeth,its better not to pull the baby teeth out.Having made that choice,at least the permanent teeth eruption pathway should be guided.Leaving the primary teeth space empty will result in collapsing of neighboring teeth and hence no space for the permanent teeth to come out.This is why space maintainer is suggested.Affording a space maintainer is always lesser than the aftermath effects corrected by ortho/braces treatment.

Q.9.Tips to stop the habit of  thumb sucking.
                    Thumb-sucking is common for a child.The habit generally stops at 2-4 years of age.Thumb-sucking when the permanent teeth is at the verge of eruption can result in poor facial appearance.Encourage or praise the child when he/she is not sucking.Explain the ill effects of it.Do not force.As the child usually sucks the thumb or finger when he is insecure or needing comfort.Focus on the cause and work on it.If these things don't work remind the child of bitter medication and bandaging the thumb.Visit a dentist for an appliance breaking this habit.

Q.10.When should bottle-feeding be stopped?
                       Children should be weaned from the bottle at 12-14 months of age.If not your child will end up being obese due to intake of unnecessary calories and also the child is highly prone to decay.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Answers to your frequently asked dental questions.....!

               Most of the patients aim at maintaining their oral hygiene in all the ways possible before landing up in a dentist's office.Maintaining the oral health reflects from the tooth care products and patient generally are intrigued whether their usage is at its best.So this blog will be addressing the common questions on dental care products....Brushing up the on the dental products!!!

Q.1.Which is the best tooth paste to use?
               Even though the best approach in finding the best tooth brush is by visiting your dentist,with wide range of products in market you must know the common facts.Basically choose a paste that the Indian Dental Association (IDA) approves.Approval from IDA just means they are safe and effective to use but does not evaluate or endorse its performance.Choose a paste that contains fluoride to fight cavity.We generally recommend a plain paste form over gel form or those that contain crystals.Any plain paste acceptant to your taste will do well.Using any paste will just remove the surface stains.Any whitening tooth paste will increase your shade by one.For better improvements ask for dental office bleaching. Sensitivity tooth pastes are to be used only when the tooth is sensitive.Once the sensitivity decline you can get back to normal paste.
A word of caution for kids: a peanut size amount of paste only to be used so children tend to swallow.Swallowing too much can lead to discoloration of permanent teeth.

Q.2. Which is the Best brush to use?
                  Bristles play a major role in selection of tooth brush.We recommend medium bristles for adults.Soft bristles don't effectively remove plaque.It is recommended only when the teeth are sensitive and post gum treatment for few days.Hard bristles actually damage your teeth by wearing off the tooth structure.Choose a brush that its head portion is suitable for you,that is, it should touch 2 teeth a time.However different head designs suitable for your mouth can be suggested by your dentist.Do not forget to change your brush 3 months once.A fanned out brush means its time for new one.

Powered or electronic tooth brushes are also available.Not much of a difference brushing manually or by powered brushed.Its just Powered brushes get the job done easier.

Q.3.How to choose a powered brush?
                       Powered tooth brushes are easy to be used by

  • patients with arthiritis
  • elderly people
  • braces patients
  • physically challenged people
  • people with maligned teeth
Sonic powered brushes: This brush makes 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minutes compared to 300 per minute when brushed by hand.This brush rotates back and forth ,and that's how a dentist recommend.In addition this brush flushes water between teeth and gum line making it more effective in removing plaque.
This is how sonic brush works.

Electric tooth brushes:Makes 3000 to 7500 strokes.Bristles rotate individually.Effective in gingivitis.

Q.4.Food gets stuck between,just brushing is not helping.Rescue options?
                            Water picks,Dental floss,inter dental brushes are available for rescue.Water pick jus removes the trapped food between tooth or in orthodontic braces.Flossing is difficult to be done during ortho treatment,otherwise flossing regularly will prevent you from decay between teeth.Flossing is technique sensitive at beginning but by practice it becomes as easy as brushing.Flossing is recommended when teeth are in tight contact whereas Inter-dental brushes are used when there are gaps.Get the help from your dentist to know how promptly to use these products.

A waterpik
A inter-dental brush

Q.5.Do I need to use mouth wash regularly?
                              Mouthwash just freshen your breathe.Using a anti-bacterial rinse will ward off gum disease and fluoride mouth wash will fight cavities.But generally a mouth wash  just gives additive effect of mouth refreshing.This may mask the symptoms of gum disease.So regular use it not recommended by us.Its suffice to use post-cleaning or any treatment just for 15 days. Certain mouth washes can stain your teeth.

Other queries will be answered in the following blogs.
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I might be Temporary but still you got to take care of me....MILK TEETH!...

                        Milk teeth or baby teeth are not just only for chewing.They have a additional work of guiding the adult teeth that is developing beneath it to replace it later.As already discussed each of the permanent tooth has their own erupting time to show their heads off in the mouth.The place for them will be secured by the baby teeth and as and when the permanent teeth is ready they shed off.This is the normal process.This is the reason why saving the primary teeth is as important as adult teeth.
                        Most of us have an attitude that its just a milk teeth,anyways,permanent is on its way.This article may be your eye-opener as baby is THE GUIDE .If baby teeth is lost before its stipulated time,the following can occur

Baby tooth lost or pulled out --->space present---> the neighboring teeth drifts towards the space tending to close the space--->no sufficient space for the adult tooth to come out--->adult tooth either locked inside or grows away from the tooth arch--->crowding,crooked teeth,decay,poor facial appearance :(

For example:
Baby tooth can be lost either due to severe decay or accident or blow.
Few of the baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth by 11-12years but they could have been pulled at even 5 due too severe decay.The space for the adult tooth coming at 11-12years to maintained since 5.if not in the 5 years space the above mentioned phenomenon could happen.

can you notice the teeth are drifted towards the space and the space being reduced?
This a 6 year old kid whose baby tooth pulled off 1 year back where it must stay at least till 11

You might be now worried my baby's baby tooth have lost....what can be done ??

There's a simple solution to it :) -------> SPACE MAINTAINERS.
                     Basically appropriate space for adult teeth must be secured to prevent the above mentioned sequelae. Interceptive orthodontics plays a role now by the use of space maintainers.
As the name sums it all....its just an appliance the maintains the required space.

Space maitainer types;
        1.Plastic: This is a removable one with articial teeth.This is suggested when the space is obviously visible.This can work only with older child as they can follow the direction.Indicated in multiple teeth loss too.

         2.Stainless steel

  • Band & loop:This appliance made of stainless steel has a band or crown which is placed in the neighboring tooth and loop emerges from it which passes the space and touches the opposite tooth.
  • Lingual arch:This is indicated when teeth is lost on both side.This appliance in wrapped around teeth behind the missing teeth and a wire runs along touching inner side/lingual side(so called lingual arch) of all the teeth.This maintains space
  • Distal shoe:This is indicated when first adult molar tooth that comes in 6 years hasn't come yet.This appliance is slightly inserted inside gums as there is no tooth to wrap or stop the band.This play a dual role acting as a guide for the eruption molar teeth and also maintaining space.

band&loop space maintener

Procedure: Just prior, duplicate model of the baby arch is made and the appliance is customised according to in lab then inserted in child's mouth.

Follow-up:Regular visits is must. X-rays will be taken regularly to check the progress of the upcoming adult tooth.

Preserving the primary tooth will itself prevent all the chaos.But its ok,after the loss ;prompt use of space maintainer will save you tons saving from poor appearance and apparent ortho treatment.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pain in and Around the ears???....Has it something to do with your dental checkup???

You may be worried about the cause of your pain in and around your ear ,your pain may be radiating ...sometimes you may be confused and fail to locate the spot were your pain initiates as your pain is radiating.......totally confused whether it is an ENT problem or dental problem .....

Dental point of view
Dentist will first examine you clinically, if required, x-rays may be taken...

Examination involves ruling out...
  • Dental infection
  • TMJ analysis
  • Pain in front of ear/middle ear/behind ear
Dental infection
  • Dental decay involving your pulp
  • If there is pus discharge 
  • Impacted teeth
  • Any chronic irritations
  • Any bone infection
  • your cheek muscles are examined(If your muscles are stiff or hard)
  • If there is enlargement of any nodes or gland

Pain in front of the ear

  • Your salivary gland is situated right in front of your ear-any inflammation or stone in salivary gland(blocks the saliva from draining into the mouth,pain and swelling especially before and after meals-meal time syndrome ..swelling subsides slowly)
TMJ(joint examination)

Your joints will be palpated and examined for clicking sound...if clicking sound is noticed you will be adviced to take X-ray

  • Injury to teeth or jaw
  • Malaligned teeth
  • Collapsed bite
  • Stress
  • Joint dislocation
  • Deviation in jaw movement
  • Lack of lubrication of joint
  • Teeth grinding
  • Nerve compression
  • Fracture line in joint due to trauma 
Pain in the middle ear
  • ENT Problem 
Pain behind the ear
  • Bone infection
  • Space infection(infection of tooth spreads through the muscle spaces)
  • Dandruff (nodal enlargement behind the ear)
  • Calcification or outgrowth of bone
  • Neurological pain
  • Infection in the middle ear ,cause radiating pain behind the ear

you may ask  the cause of your pain is your teeth ,but why you have pain in the ear ???you may not be able to locate the spot were your pain starts,its very simple to understand you may have in your left arm but the cause and spot were your pain initiates is your heart....its radiating pain.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Concerned about your child's look?Do the best for them at the right age.

                As we all know a stitch in time saves nine.Orthodontic treatment for your child is also a example for it.We always aim to do 'the best' to kids.The best can come out from giving it to them at the right time.Kids now a days are influenced by their peer groups.The psychological influence to look good and attractive sprouts in them inadvertently.Not only because of this reason...there's is a few more reason to add up to go for orthodontic treatment on or sometimes even before twelve.You may never know how much this can save you and your child.Jaw irregularities can be corrected through just appliances rightly done at growth stage of the child.If missed,correction can be done only with the surgery.So what all should we know or what should we do to give our child the best???
               Parents should know that they should visit their dentist at the age of 5 years or even before....
Gene plays a major role,so if your family members are having malaligned teeth or skeletal problems like jaw too backward or forward,visit your dentist with your kids at the age of 5 years to confirm if your child requires braces or not.

There are two phase of treatment to correct skeletal and dental problem ,first phase of treatment is carried out at the age of 6 to 11 years because it is the growth period ,permanent teeth erupts at this age and you can avoid surgical procedure, if you complete your treatment during growth period. second phase of treatment is carried out above the age of 11 years,95% of permanent tooth eruption completes at this age, this is the right age for wearing braces.

Parents you have to know baby teeth shedding and permanent tooth eruption time table.

  • If your kids losses teeth before the age of shedding ,then space maintainer will be provided by your dentist, to maintain space for the permanent tooth to erupt ,hence your teeth erupts in the right place,helps you avoid wearing braces.
  •  If the tooth does not erupt at the right age immediately visit your dentist.

Baby teeth shedding timetable

permanent tooth eruption chart

Procedure to be undergone during growth period:

  • Expansion of the jaw to eliminate cross bite ,crowding of teeth,narrow arch.
  • Removal of baby tooth for proper alignment of erupting permanent teeth.
  • Maintaining space for permanent teeth with space maintainer, in case of premature loss of baby teeth due to trauma or tooth decay.if not treated then the nearby tooth will occupy space of other teeth, blocking the tooth from erupting, so your teeth gets locked up in the jaw or erupts in the wrong position which results in malaligned teeth ,finally in the later stage the day comes your kid ends up wearing braces.
"If the first button of the shirt is in the wrong hole,then every button will be in the wrong hole",
So if you are careful on the first step,others will automatically fall in place.
  • Removal of extra teeth,because it may interfere with nearby tooth eruption or blocking the eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Jaw growth correction,when the upper jaw is too far back or your lower jaw is too far forward or combination of both can exist,head gear appliance provided.
  • Soft tissue correction -hindrance for eruption of permanent teeth(gums covering the teeth may be too thick preventing the eruption of teeth or thin band of tissue extending from the lip to the jaw(frenum) prevents the eruption of teeth in upper jaw and restricts the tongue movement in the lower jaw,correction by laser exposure of teeth and frenectomy.
Case presentation:
Presenting a case of 10 year old boy came to our dental clinic with the chief complaint of crowding in upper and lower front tooth region,on clinical examination upper jaw is too far back and lower jaw pushed forward(skeletal malocclusion),crowding of upper and lower jaw,narrow upper arch.

upper jaw growth is less compared to lower jaw

collapsed teeth arrangement.
He is cute...but he deserves to be cutest.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      crowding of upper and lower front tooth region
Anterior cross bite
upper jaw is too far back and lower jaw is pushed forward

narrow upper arch

                              palatal expander for correction of narrow arch.

Upper jaw is too far back, this is corrected by wearing head gear  14 to 16 hours day
Wearing braces is the final phase of treatment.

If this child did not go for this appliance or initiate orthodontic treatment at this age........Years later when he wished to correct his look he would have been left with the only option of surgery.Imagine the agony and mindset of the him at that time!!!

Why complicate it for the child,when it can be so simple????

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

One more case of full mouth rehabilitation-An option to know.

         Presenting you a case of full upper teeth set rehabilitation.

From that to this.

     A young patient reported with a complaint of all front upper tooth worn out with poor face profile.She had a different type of upper and lower teeth bite position.Usually we have upper teeth aligned overlapping the lower teeth.But she had the opposite combination where lower teeth overlapped the upper teeth.This type of occlusion is called CLASS III.This was the reason for poor facial profile and teeth wearing out.

All you can see is the lower teeth.This was her profile-a typical class III

Upper front teeth all worn out due to class III

          First  and ideal treatment option suggested was extraction of all tooth and placing implants.But the patient was young and was all quirky about removal of the teeth at this young age.Concerned about her worries of extraction and money factor, a secondary treatment plan was proposed which was to do root canal treatment for those upper tooth and rehabilitate with cap.But to perform this the height of the teeth was not sufficient.So firstly height of the teeth was decided to be increased by a procedure called CROWN LENTHENING with the help of LASER. 

Can you spot the difference???
RCT was performed earlier and The length of each tooth is increased .

Patient was happy that the whole procedure done to increase the height of the teeth was so smooth with LASERS as it involved a less painful,almost bloodless,less post-operative effects,less time-consuming advantages of LASER.A conventional procedure would have involved all the above mentioned disadvantages and need for sutures.

This is how artificial teeth were given.

Her bite was given edge to edge.That is, her upper tooth and lower tooth were made almost in the same line with upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower teeth improving her profile.

Have a look at the improved bite and profile of the happy patient.

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