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                 Conscious about your yellowish or broken or missing or misaligned front tooth. Don't repair ! This blog gives an outline solution for the cosmetic problems listed.

Do you have a missing front tooth....?

                 Suggested best option for this problem is replacing the missing tooth with Implant.(titanium screws)
Implant placed in the missing area and later covered by cap   

                  Second best option would be bridge.The neighboring teeth are reduced in size and a bridge unit is given which includes the missing teeth and the prepared neighboring teeth.

middle tooth missing,neighboring teeth and bridge is given

Do you have a crooked or misaligned front teeth?

                   The answer is Orthodontic treatment with the treatment span of minimum 1 to 1 and half years
ortho treatment with clips
                     If you have mildly crooked tooth...veneers suits the situation.

Do you have discoloured tooth?

                    For a single tooth or multiple teeth that got discolored following trauma or due to decay-RCT(root canal treatment) followed by cap
                     Cap options include ADORA , IVALCRON,metal ceramic facing,PFM(porcelain fused to metal,solid zirconia listed in terms of strength and better appearance in ascending order.

zirconia crown-highly cosmetic
porcelain fused to metal crown vs zirconic
metal display is the disadvantage in PFM over highly cosmetic and solid ziconia
                     To improve shade of the entire teeth-bleaching

after bleaching or teeth whitening

                     To improve shade of anterior teeth alone-bleaching or veneering
                     To remove stains and deposits-scaling

before and after scaling(teeth cleaning)

Do yu have chipped tooth?

                    First option would be crown(cap).
                    Second is composite filling.

composite filling for broken tooth.

Do you have mild decay?

                    Tooth colored filling that include composite is an option.

Do yu have gummy smile?

                     Visiting a periodontist(gum specialist) will be an option.Surgery may be indicated.

excessive gum display treated

Treatment plan differs for each patient.For further queries contact

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