Thursday, 10 March 2016

Are regular dental check-ups worth the effort?Find it yourself....

                 If you are considering to skip a dental check-up because of time or anxiety or cost factor, make sure to walk through certain other risks.You are most likely to end up in loosing your good natural tooth and also paying higher from your wallet by postponing your check up on a longer run.Regular dental check-up at 30s can save a lot for you at 60s.

                A dental visit must be planned every six months once.During a regular dental appointment ,we will do  thorough examinations of your gums,teeth,oral cavity,neck and throat.Oral cavity is the gateway to your whole body and so there is a connection between your oral health and systemic health.We,the dentist will assess the state of your mouth by

  • Examining the gums-checking for signs of gum disease
  • Examining for loose tooth 
  • Examining for any evidence of decay
  • Checking health of all the tissues
  • Checking the tongue
  • Looking for broken tooth or fillings
  • Evaluate the overall oral health status by taking x-rays
  • Examine the face neck and throat.

By a Regular dental check-up.........

Oral cancer can be detected:
              Oral cancer is a serious disease as we all know it can manifest in various ways.They can easily progress in a shorter duration.Thankfully,oral cancer detected at early stage can be easily treatable.Dentists having trained in detecting the signs of cancer will likely catch up the oral cancer in time in 6 months once regular dental checkup.

           Even with utmost care there will be areas that will be missed by regular brushing and flossing.These are the areas where deposits build up against your gum health.When these deposits left unattended gum disease develop .When gum disease is neglected bone loss occurs.Eventually tooth can loosen and be lost.Replacing a lost tooth by artificial substitutes can never match the nature or cost of  treating the bone level disease is expensive when compared to just cleaning.You can prevent yourself from any pain also.Early detection can save you from any burden of pain or affordability.

Decay detection:
           Deposits can even lead to decay.Early deduction of decay can leave you with just filling rather than undergoing root canal treatment after pain or the agony of pulling the tooth out.Decay can be detected as early as when they are as white spots at regular dental check ups

Keep your bad habits in check:
           Some of the habits have negative impact on your oral health such as grinding your teeth ,clenching your jaw,biting your nails,brushing your teeth too hard,chewing ice,eating stick foods and of-course smoking.During regular dental check-ups your dentists informs any destructive changes caused by the above habits and this can help you change your life style before the destruction worsens.

Aid of x-rays:
            Crucial part of regular dental check up is that x-rays of  your teeth and jaw bone
.Dentists find those problems that are not visible to naked eye through x-rays like blocked wisdom teeth,decay and destructive diseases like tumor ,cysts.These diseases are usually symptom less and can be only detected by x-rays.

X-ray showing impacted wisdom teeth

         In regular dental check-ups in our Gums and Teeth dental clinic ,Our dentists can give you individual oral care advice,preventive treatment,early detection and treatment of any oral disease -You can experience the complete care for you and your mouth.

       Detecting abnormalities usually takes just a minute for a dentist,but this can make a huge difference if serious disease is detected early enough.Have you found the answer yourself?

       Here in,Gums and Teeth Dental clinic,we are not only concerned about fixing teeth but also we aim to ensure the health of your gums,complete oral tissue and detecting an abnormality as early as possible.To fix an appointment contact 9962497766
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