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Brushing too hard to clean ur teeth???ease yourself..

                           Most of us are like my teeth is yellow ...i will brush hard to get it white.We think the teeth becomes that whiter ..the harder we brush...right???but Nooooo........!!!!!!Bushing hard will actually damage not only your pearly whites but also your pink gums.Your teeth is not a carpet or vessel to be hard on it to remove stains...easy on your tooth and here is why!

                           Plaque accumulated on your teeth are soft deposits.Gentle brushing twice a day is enough to get rid of them..Over-brushing can lead to

  • Sensitivity 
  • tooth wear
  • swollen gums
  • bleeding gums
  • receded gums

                            Brushing 2 mins 2 times a day is enough to maintain your teeth.Brushing should be gentle and starting and pushing away from your gumline.
                            When you over brush...gums recede back exposing sensitive part of the tooth.
On brushing hard you also lose a layer of enamel-the outermost hard covering of the teeth exposing the dentin.Dentin has passage to nerve ending and that is why your teeth are sensitive when drinking hot/cold drinks.
                            Do you wonder whats the big loss is just losing a layer of the tooth?You must know that the enamel is the protective layer. The exposed part of the teeth is susceptible to plaque accumulation which forms the baseline for decay formation and progression.

This is what you do to your gums and teeth

                            Receded gums expose the portion of the teeth which is also sensitive.Decay formed at this area of the teeth if progressed weakens the teeth that leads to breakage of teeth.
                            If you ask us what are the ways you can prevent this from happening...the following are the tips in a nutshell..
  • Follow a proper brushing technique.
  • Lighten up your brushing style.Don't apply pressure on your teeth.You can notice you bristles go frizzy and flat on hard brushing

  • Vibrating or round motions is recommended for brushing
  • Use "medium" bristle tooth brushes
  • Angle the bristles of your brush at 45 degree near your gum line.
  • Replace your tooth brush every 3 months once
  • You can go for electronic tooth brushes.This machine gives a constant gentle scubbing motions.Be it manual or electronic brushing..never be hard
    A electronic brush
Precisely,Don't be hard and don't use horizontal motion
Be kind to your teeth :)
Proper brushing technique will be discussed in our upcoming blogs

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