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Decay and Quality of life of a child..!

                    Decay is a extremely widespread childhood disease. .A healthy smile has a considerable impact on social interaction,which plays a important role in how children are seen,felt and perceived by others.From the child's standpoint ,a healthy smile is useful to build up inter personal relationships and self esteem.
                     Basically decay is the holes in the tooth that are formed due to structural damage by acids-the product of bacteria and saliva acting over sugar and starch produced from what one eat!!!
For a child it ranges from milk to sticky candy and junkies.A child has completely primary/milk teeth upto age of around 5 years .....followed by a period of mixed teeth-a period where milk teeth falls and permanent teeth comes to position which is between 6-12 years....followed by completely permanent from age of 12.
                     Childhood decay affecting the primary teeth usually affects the front tooth.There are studies that reveal that decay in primary teeth left untreated will affect the succeeding permanent teeth.Decay in primary teeth can lead to many possible consequences....if left untreated....
                                                    Difficulty in eating
                                           Sometimes swelling in the face
                                                    loss of primary teeth
                                           Decay of succeeding teeth and no
                                                     proper path for it
                           Decay in permanent teeth and also mal-positioned teeth
                                              /                                           \
                                     pain again                                 poor appearance

      Decay itself is a primary problem.The aftermath effects of decay such as pain,inability to eat,worrying of the appearance have impact on child's general and mental health.

Decay affecting general health:
   Childhood caries have impact on child's oral health throughout the life.The child will have difficulty in chewing either with the broken painful tooth or lost tooth.With the pain and difficulty in eating ---->altered eating and sleeping habits----->nutrition to child be compromised-----> Poor general health---->poor quality of life.

Decay affecting mental health:
     Having decay in the front tooth or missing any of the tooth,the child loses his/her confidence of good smile and thus poor interaction with the peer group.Peer group usually emphasizes on good appearance.Aesthetic and functional impairment of the tooth restrict the child from eating their favorite food,they are constantly absent from school,they are usually ashamed to smile and also they restrict from playing with others.Conclusively they would likely to be alone.School performance may also decline.Parents may also have to be absent from work to take care of the child.Thus again poor quality of life.

    According to child psychology, the age of six is the landmark of beginning of abstract thinking and building one's own self esteem.At this the child starts comparing the appearance of his/her with the fellow mates.They will have ability to make judgement of their appearance,quality of friendship,their thoughts,their emotions,adapting of behavior from others sprouts at this age.And now with poor smile......the child may begin to develop low self esteem.

            Studies have shown that the greater is the number of tooth lost.....the greater is the negative impact on child's psychology and general health
            Thus,We not only aim at restoring the child's oral health by restoring the teeth,saving from pain,we aim at restoring the child's self esteem,improve sleeping quality,weight gain and general health and  also pain-free state.Simply,we try to improve the Quality of life.
              After-all,prevention is better than cure.To be precise,prevention is cheaper than cure.
It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair as an adult.

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