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Dental guide for pregnant women!


                Congratulations!You are experiencing the best time in your life.Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to your body including your oral cavity because of the surge of hormones. It is important to take care of your teeth during this time to ensure your's and child's safety.Commonly experienced problems are gum problem,dry mouth,teeth erosion,gum growth.Here are some things you must know.!

Before Pregnancy:

                     Expecting or planning to be pregnant ?Make sure you visit your dentist once.In the dental appointment you can get your teeth cleaned to prevent gum diseases and any other problems can be taken care of in prior as a preventive measure.

During Pregnancy:

                      Inform about your pregnancy to the dentist particularly the time of pregnancy.Dental treatments are safe during 4th-6th month unless any emergency.Other months are critical for the growth of the baby and its best to postpone treatment till child birth except during crisis.

                       Most commonly gums are the affected.Hormone surge exaggerates the response of gums to bacterial deposits around teeth leading to red,swollen and even painful gums.This is called "pregnancy gingivitis".It surfaces as early as second month.Already existing gums disease will become even more worse.That is why it is suggested to visit the dentist when expecting pregnancy.
Cleaning above the gum line should be done and its safest in 2nd trimester.Leaving this gum problem unattended can lead to bone loss around the teeth,eventually tooth becomes lose.

swollen gums during pregnancy

                        Researches have disclosed that there is a connection between gingivitis and pre-term baby.The bacterial content present in mouth causing gingivitis can travel to uterus resulting in production of certain hormones which causes uterine contraction and thus preterm labor.
Care tip:Preventive cleaning to be done prior.Brushing twice a day with fluoride paste is must. Maintenance with dental floss,mouth wash and frequent dental visit is suggested
                      Sometimes tumor like growth can be seen in the gums which usually shrinks after child birth.Steps will be taken by dentist in clearing that only if its disturbs chewing or irritates.

                       Second common problem is tooth erosion.Morning sickness is the reason for it.Acidic content from the frequent vomiting will erode away a layer of backside of tooth.
Care tip:Its advisable  not to brush immediately after vomiting as the outer layer of tooth will be softened by acids and will get eroded away easily on brushing.If vomiting keeps you from brushing frequent mouth rinsing with water is recommended.

                        Craving for sugar during pregnancy can increase risk of dental decay.Know that your child teeth starts developing from 3 months.
Care tip:Balanced diet with calcium content like milk and yogurt makes you and your baby teeth healthy.Avoid frequent sugary snacks.

                        Dry mouth may be experienced by some pregnant women.Dry mouth can increase the risk of decay because of less saliva flow.
Care tip: Frequent hydrating is suggested

                        X-rays are usually avoided by dentists during pregnancy to ensure child's safety.

After pregnancy:
                        Certain problems induced by pregnancy subsides after child birth.Make sure all the postponed treatments are performed after child birth.Take care..!

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