Monday, 14 March 2016

How to brush your teeth??

               Brushing is the second most common habit around the globe.But are we doing it correctly??Majorly no.....

  • Here's how to brush your teeth.The technique  that we use is called 'modified bass technique'.This is commonly used for healthy gums

Step 1:Angle your brush 45 degree against your gum line.
Step 2:Give a vibratory motion or round motion and roll or sweep the brush away from the gum line.Repeat the same for the backside of the tooth
Step 3:Turn your brush vertically and make up and down motions for back of the front teeth.
Step 4:Make sure you attend all the teeth inside and outside.clean the chewing surface by giving back and forth short motions.
Gently brush your tongue using back of the tooth brush.

Don't give horizontal motions.
Don't brush too hard.
Don't use your brush more than 3 months.Never use after it has become frizzy and flat.
Don't use hard bristles.Use medium bristles brush.
Don't brush too long.2 mins 2 times a day is recommended.

  •        As age progresses and due to certain other factors like poor oral hygiene and hard brushing..Gum can recede from this actually position leading exposure of sensitive part of the tooth known as gingival recesion.In that case a technique called Stillman's is recommended.This is a slight modification of the bass method but this gives gingival massage and stimulation.

 As in modified bass, bristles are placed at 45 degree to the teeth close to the gums.Part of the bristles in the gums and part over the tooth and same vibratory strokes as bass is given.Use short back and forth motions for cleaning the chewing surface.

  • For Orthodontic patients and patients with huge gaps between teeth..Charter's technique is recommended

Perform the rolling stroke to remove the soft deposits .Then direct the bristles of the to the chewing surface...then slight rotate the brush such that the bristles are flexed and comes in contact between the teeth,Now vibrate the handle with slow ,circular motion.

  • Children cannot follow the above mentioned common technique.So they can use Fone's method or circular method.It is a easy-to-learn technique for children.

First the child is asked to clench the teeth.Bristles are gently pressed against the back tooth and gums and gives large circular motion fast.The same is proceeded to the front tooth.Then the mouth is opened and same is followed for inner surfaces.

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