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Paan chewing and its ill effects!

Though it looks enticing , here are a few facts why not to use chronically....

Paan is a mixture of arecanut and tobacco, is popular among South Asian population

Paan is chewed and often held  in the mouth in between the teeth and inside the cheek for minutes or for hours,some chewers swallow it and some spit it out.

Paan chewing becomes an addictive habit and it gives them a feel of euphoria(Person experience intense feeling of happiness,joy,well being)

Ingradients of paan:
  • Betel leaf.
  • Arecanut.
  • Slaked lime(calcium hydroxide).
  • Tobacco.
  • Aromatic species include aniseed,fennel, coriander,cardomom pods,gulkhand(rose),saffron.
The primary cause for the high incidence of oral cancer in south Asian population is the widespread habit of paan chewing and related arecanut use.

The arecanut is said to be the fourth most commonly use psychoactive substance.

The risk depends on duration and dosage of use.

long term use of pan chewing can result in,
  • Oral submucous fibrosis
  • leukoplakia
Precancerous condition,which further predispose to cancer.

Paan chewing can result in dental problem,
  • Tooth wear i.e.,grinding or rubbing away of teeth,enamel is lost results in sensitivity of teeth
  • Stains
  • Tooth fractures
  • Bleeding gums and loosen teeth as supporting tissues are affected

Precancerous condition of the mouth.It is more common at the age of 20-40 years.
  • The first symptom of OSMF is burning sensation in the mouth,especially when eating spicy food.

The mouth becomes dry with ulcers.

  • In early stage ,on examination the oral mucosa looks white marble like pattern,either throughout the mouth or in localised area.
  •  In later stage of fibrosis,
  1. Mouth cannot be opened  as wide as normal.
  2. Tongue becomes smooth white and cannot be moved easily.restricted tongue movement.
  3. The cheek feel thick and firm cannot puff out
  4. Lip becomes rubbery and thick
  5. Pigmentation of oral mucosa
  • In very severe case
  1. Difficulty in swallowing and inability to hear
  2. Leukoplakia


  • Stop chewing paan /alcohol/smoking/betel nut/tobacco chewing and spicy food.
  • Intake vitamin supplements(vitamin A,B,C and iron).
  • Visit your dentist and round off your sharp teeth edges and extract your 3rd molar.
  • local injection of placental extract 2 ml is given every week for 10 weeks.
  • lycopene 10% (2000 mcg orally).
  • Methylcobalamine injection intramuscular every week.
  • Jaw dilator exercise is explained to the patient.
  • In severe cases,surgical removal of fibrous band under general anesthesia.
  • Visit your dentist and follow the instructions and prescribed tablets accordingly.

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