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Good pediatric dental care makes Future dental problems Less complicated....

SHOULD PARENTS WORRY IF BABY TEETH ARE NOT FALLING?The first baby teeth are usually lost at about six years of age. Some kids may lose theirs as early as five or as late as seven, which is still considered normal.
  • The average child will have lost eight baby teeth by 8yrs; four front teeth on top and four front teeth on the bottom.
  • Between 8-10 you will normally not see much loss or eruption of teeth. During this two-year “break” interceptive orthodontic treatment may be indicated. This is why the dentist recommends that all children be evaluated by age 7. This allows your dentist to determine if your child’s teeth and jaws are developing correctly and intervene with recommendations or treatment, if indicated.
  • Around ten years of age the remaining teeth begin to fall out. The average adolescent loses all their baby teeth before 13. Girls often lose their teeth faster than the boys and sometimes as early as 11. The 12-year or 2nd molars start to make their appearance during this time.
  • Third molars will begin to develop around age 16 and more often than not, need to be removed due to lack of space in the dental arch to accommodate the teeth. X-rays at this age are recommended to determine if there is enough room for third molars before the roots fully develop to make extraction easier if required.
Most parents have questions about delayed tooth loss during the two years between eight and ten when nothing is happening. However, parents need not worry about delayed tooth loss unless:
  • There is not enough room for permanent teeth causing crowding. They may not be able to push out the overlying baby teeth.
  • Congenitally missing permanent teeth
congenital missing of lateral incisor replaced with implant,without ant damage to the adjacent tooth
  • Extra teeth(supernumerary teeth) can block the normal eruption of permanent ones. With a simple x-ray, your orthodontist can tell you if there really is a problem or if your child is just developing slowly.

Baby teeth preserve space for permanent teeth until their permanent teeth are developed enough to come in. 
  • If the baby teeth come out too early, space can be lost causing crowding of the underlying permanent ones. 
  • At the other end,if the baby teeth that are not lost on time, can force the permanent ones to come in crooked 
creating a more difficult orthodontic condition. 
     If baby teeth are lost prematurely, due to an accident or decay, an dentist should be consulted to see ,if a space maintainer is needed.

Sometimes soft tissue may cover the tooth not allowing the permanent teeth to erupt,In such cases laser exposure of teeth is done.

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