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Options for complete LOSS of TEETH....

                                   OPTIONS FOR REPLACEMENT OF MISSING TEETH

  • Fixed 
  • Removable


Complete denture(not fixed removable denture)
  • Conventional denture: Can be made about 8 to 12 weeks after teeth has been removed.
  • immediate denture: Made in advance can be placed immediately after the teeth is removed.Measurements are made prior to extraction to fabricate the denture.As the gums and bone shrink during healing period after tooth extraction,they become loose and have to be replaced or altered.
Implant supported dentures(semi-fixed denture)
  • Lower removable dentures are usually ill fitting because of tongue and lip movements.Also in case when bone condition is not enough.Implants are placed in the jaw bone and semi fixed denture are made on them
Partial denture:
  • When one or more teeth is missing partial dentures are made
Cast partial(Metal framework)
Thermoplastic(flexible denture)


  • Bridge is a dental restoration that spans an area where there is missing teeth.it is connected to the natural teeth on both sides.
Dental implants:
  • Feel and function just like your natural teeth
  • They are permanent fixtures of titanium posts,which are anchored to the jaw bones

Advantage of Dental Implants over dentures:
  • Implant prevents shrinkage of jaw bone
  • Implants are fixed,dentures are removable
  • Implants will not loosen,denture will loose is there is not enough bone support.
  • Your mouth will be restored to natural state
  • Normal maintenance is enough for implants but you have to remove your denture and clean it daily ,if not fungal infection develops under denture
  • Dentures if not handled with care, easily breakable.

Advantage of Dental Implants over removable partial denture:
  • The clasp of the partial denture takes its support from the adjacent teeth,the force from the clasp it damages the supported teeth.Implant does not affect any nearby teeth

Advantage of Dental Implants over bridges:
  • No need to cut down the adjacent natural teeth.
  • Over time period during food accumulation in bridges tooth becomes weak and loosen.
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