Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Chipped tooth concern

              With right direction of slip and wrong timing in your ship ,your tooth have chances to chip!!!
Having chipped your teeth you must right away walk to your dentist.But before you ignore it...we are concerned to inform the chip impacts from low to high.

                Although enamel of the teeth is the hardest ,it cannot with stand all the forces.One gets chipped their teeth following a fall or hit or biting hard or accident or weakened tooth due to decay.A chipped tooth may not hurt but it can potentially lead to a serious problem.But do not  panic...!! Your dentist will take prompt action.

                 Ranging from lower impact to higher impact it can be assessed based on the symptoms and x-ray

                 A smaller chip-You may not have any symptom  or you will have sharp tooth .Your dentist will simply polish the teeth to smoothen.No further treatment will be required

                A medium chip-you will have sensitivity to hot/cold food or just air or sharp tooth or you might be just worried about the appearance(as commonly affected tooth are front ones).Whatever be of the above,your dentist will simply polish the teeth to smoothen and will bond a filling to the broken tooth.Unfortunately the filling in the front tooth sometimes don't last longer unless you take utmost care.In that case of frequent dislodgement of filling ,a cap is suggested to bring back the appearance,form and function of the broken tooth.

A medium chip.Patient reported with the complaint of sensitivity.
A bonded filling given as treatment.

                      A larger chip-A larger chip will most probably give you pain or severe sensitivity or no symptoms that in later stage can lead to death of the tooth or discoloration.A chipped tooth left untreated can allow bacterial entry and infection too.A larger chip affects the nerve portion make it either infected or dead.Either ways root canal treatment followed by cap is the right action.
In some cases,an abscess can form.The dead contents will release gases and thus discharge in the form of pus..If untreated can lead to swelling or pungent smelling discharge ,then loosening of tooth and finally you have to forget that you had a tooth there.

                     Leaving a chipped tooth can lead to further cracks in some cases and in some cases it wont.Your dentist can assess the degree of the impact.

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