Monday, 9 May 2016

Dear EXPECTANT mother..!DENTAL INFORMATION you must know.

      Congratulations on the great news !!You might have so many questions  running in your mind currently regarding the general health and dental health of the baby.As a family dentist in medavakkam,we are obliged to give you all the necessary information regarding dental queries.
To begin with...
               The best thing that a pregnant woman  can do to herself and baby is to maintain her own general and dental health.A balanced diet will provide the necessary calcium,phosphorus and other essential minerals for the development of the baby's teeth and bones.

My calcium or calcium from what I eat...???
                You might have heard baby's teeth calcium comes from your teeth.But no.....Actually the calcium comes from the food you take.That's why balanced diet is suggested.You should include calcium rich food like dairy products and leafy vegetables.

What pregnancy does to my gums..???
                During pregnancy ,the level of the hormone progesterone increases.That makes your gums sensitive to bacteria which makes the gums swollen,puffy and red.This is common during 2nd to 8th month.Gingivitis can lead to loose teeth if unattended.There can be growth in the gums which will subside after delivery.This is called pregnancy tumor.To know further on this refer the following blog do I take care of my gums and teeth??
                  Having said that there may be link between gums problem and pre-term baby,you should take good care of your gums.Brush your teeth twice daily.Make sure you attend all the teeth and even between teeth.Use inter-dental brush of floss.Use mouth rinses.To know better about these,visit the nearby dental office.Use of fluorinated paste is still questionable.

Potential for tooth decay?
                  During pregnancy you have morning sickness which may cause tooth erosion.Craving for sugary substances and certain foods during pregnancy can increase the acidic nature of your oral environment which makes your teeth potential for decay.

                   You are wise by being bothered about your baby's dental health now itself as tiny jaws already started forming from 5th to 8th week of conception.By the time of birth all the 20 teeth formation would be completed.

In general,avoid xray.If you feel any exaggerated reaction in your mouth,contact us

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