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Convinced to have SILVER FILLING...!!...then you should read this..

   Silver colored filling have been in dental practice for more a century.Popularly known as silver filling not only because of the color but also because one of its content is silver.But does it contain only silver???? NO...! Silver colored filling a.k.a amalgam is a combination of silver,tin,copper,zinc and also the bothersome mercury accounting for 50% of the combination.This blog will enlighten you on the chronic mercury poisoning.

     Dental associations says that mercury from the amalgam fillings are not a threat to us.You must know that generally mercury in the mercury is the most poisonous substance.WHO(World Health Organisation) claims no safe level for mercury.But amalgam filling is not a health hazard is still a topic on debate.Mercury can directly or indirectly can poison your body at some level.This can lead to Chronic mercury poisoning.

     The mercury from amalgam can affect your body over 100 different ways.Its based on the filling- how many?how long?how often?

     It is not that only mercury can cause all these symptoms.Various factors such as lifestyle,genetics,occupation.It can be either be alone or in association with mercury poisoning.Severity of symptoms can be based on how severe the answer to above mentioned question lie.

1) Your digestion process can be affected-diarrhoea/constipation,vomiting or sensation of vomiting,loss of hunger and subsequently loss of weight.

2)Since mercury is a can affect your nervous system-mood swing,confusion,fear,depression,hallucination,anger,depression.You may get memory loss,tremors,numbness and slurred speech

3)You may have anemia and so You may be tired or restless.You may get headaches,dizziness and ringing in ears

4)you may deal with breathing difficulties and stuffy nose

5)you may have muscle weakness,pain in joints or joint stiffness

6)Regarding oral will have metallic taste,bone loss,bad breathe,ulcers.discoloration inside mouth,white patch and sometimes ulcer

7)you may be insomniac ,you may have skin problems,kidney problems,vision problems and even allergies.

Though you may not have enough no. of filling or enough time you retained those filling to make you chronically mercury toxic......but one cannot tell that you are not being poisoned by it.

Studies have revealed that the following list contain possible disease outcome of chronic mercury poisoning and also the list can be dilated.

  • Alzheimer's
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Candida
  • Kidney disease
  • heart disease
  • liver disease
  • skin disease
  • parkinsonism
  • Thyroid
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Hormonal disorders and on.....

Do you know? The excess filling left over from filling the cavity is filled in a safe container in a dental office or the scrapes from a removed amalgam filling is placed in the same.Now you will why this emphasis on toxicity of mercury is all about..!You are smart!

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