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Possible reasons for IMPLANT FAILURE.

            There is no doubt that implant is the best way to replace the missing teeth,but like any other surgery implant do have factors that leads to complications or failure of the implants.Implants are artificial substitutes for missing tooth from the root level itself.Infection poses the major threat to the implant.There are several other possible reasons too.....

           Infection to implant can occur at any time -at the time of placement,weeks after surgery or even years after it. Even though implant is not like a natural tooth that bacteria can directly damage like decay ,they are prone to something like gum infection called the peri-implantitis.Bacteria that causes gum infection around the natural tooth can affect the implants too.That is why we always explain our patients that half of the implant success rate depends on you...and insist on good oral hygiene practice and maintenance.Poor oral hygiene at the time of surgery or the following days lead to inflammation around the implant.A implant stays in position only if the jaw bone tightly adapts around it.Bacteria from accumulated deposits causing the inflammation erodes the bone and eventually implant loosens.Some cases it can be saves.But in most of the cases..we are left with only solution of removing the implant.
           So the answer for the question of how to prevent infection against implant is simple from your side.All you have to do is to do what you do to your natural teeth- brush,floss and rinse regularly to keep bacteria at the bay. As with time like natural tooth tartar builds up on the implant that cannot be removed by normal brushing.Leaving it unattended can lead to loosening of implant because that is the source of the culprit-bacteria.Thus regular dental visit is a must-every year ,preferably 6 months once.

#Failed osseointegration:
           Osseointegration is the formation of connection between the person's bone and the fixed implant.This is a long term process that take several months,typically 5-6 months.Implants fail when this connection fail to occur.This connection disturbance can occur in patients
         Who smoke
         Who have the habit of night grinding or bruxers
         Who have diabetes
         Who have poor quality and width of bone
          Failure to osseo-integrate can be because of incorrect positioning of implant,overloading causing damage to surrounding tissue,sudden impact to implant or due to fractured implant.If there is no enough width of bone near sinus,sinus lifting is to be done.Perforation of implant to sinus will cause infection and thus again failure.
          If osseointegration does not occur the implant becomes loose.In that case dentist removes the implant and wait for the completely healing of the bone and then surgery is performed again

 #Damage to surrounding structures:
           Damage to surrounding structures especially nerves can occur.In lower jaw ,a nerve (inferior alveolar nerve) run through it.Penetrating into this nerve can cause severe pain ,numbness around the jaw,lips,cheek.This can be temporary or permanent.This kind of symptoms can occur if implant is placed right over the nerve.If all the symptoms don't subside implant has to removed for the relief.

#Foreign body rejection and allergic reaction:
           Very rarely these two occur.Person's body can reject the implant considering it a foreign body and thus implants fall out.Traces of nickel present in the titanium implant can be allergic to a few people,but its rare.

             Finding an experienced dentist and  also playing our role in maintaining as advised by the dentist will increase the success rate of the implant.

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