Monday, 30 May 2016

Retainer vs Fixed clip

                     People confuse between retainers and orthodontic clip.Although both are used in the teeth aligning treatment,there is difference between both.

                     Basically orthodontic clip is used for the straightening the teeth.It can be fixed or removable.Removable form of clip  that is almost transparent is called invisalign.For more information on invisalign refer the following blog.
Most commonly used and conventional type of straightening teeth is fixed orthodontic treatment.This effective way of straightening teeth involves clip/brackets placed on each tooth and all are inter-connected by a wire.After certain duration the wires will be changed regularly and accordingly tooth gets aligned.The clips that is placed can be metal or tooth colored ceramic.


                      Retainers is the removable plate with a single wire which is meant for retaining the teeth in the same position once the teeth has been straightened by orthodontic treatment.Retainers after aligning teeth with clip only makes the treatment complete.Teeth aligned by pulling by the wires in the ortho treatment tends to get back to their previous position and thus these retainers are placed so as to keep all the teeth in the aligned position.Retainers will restrict the movement of teeth.


                       A few orthodontic treatment looks like retainers and people confuse with it.They are plates that used to correct narrow arches or to create space.This will be the part of main course fixed treatment teeth+jaw correction.These appliances do not straighten but prepare the tooth for performing the straightening procedure in major problems

                       In a very few cases where there is a mild gap or just a couple of tooth to be moved appliances just like retainers will be used.But most orthodontists don't consider it effective.

In short,Retainers are just for keeping the teeth at the aligned place after orthodontic treatment and not for straightening.But its very important to maintain the fruits gained from labor of ortho treatment.

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