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      Even if you keep up with your in-house oral hygiene habits,decay can occur.Decay at the beginning stage can be easily digged out and can be treated cost-effectively by Dental cements/fillings.Dental fillings are just cements that replace the structure,form and function of decay lost portion of a tooth at dental office.Tooth fracture and decay can expose the parts of tooth to bacterial invasion.When a filing is placed it effectively seals off the tooth from bacterial invasion.Thanks to advancements that the dentist and the patient have variety of options to fill their cavities
 Basically filling can be classified to
 DIRECT FILLING-That filling that can be performed inside the mouth at dentist's office.
      Amalgam or silver colored filling
     Composite or tooth colored filling
     Glass ionomer cements
Fractured front tooth

 Directly Filled with tooth colored filling-composite

INDIRECT FILLING-That filling to be customized in lab and then placed in the mouth
     Gold alloy
     Base metal alloy
Filling made at lab.To be cemented in patients 

Restoring the damaged tooth with filling have the following advantages

  • Seals and protects the remaining healthy tooth from bacterial invasion
  • Limits the ongoing damage-The teeth will be still stronger because of less teeth to filling ratio.
  • Restores the function of normal teeth
  • Prevents healthy tooth loss and thus prevents further fracture and pain-Greater amount of healthy tooth structure is maintained.
  • Makes your breath fresh
  • You regain your confidence and chewing ability
  • Saves you nine-cost effective-Treatment is less complex-->short duration-->more patient comfort-->less post op discomfort

Kinds of dental fillings:
  •  Class I- chewing surface of teeth back to canine
  •  Class II-chewing and side surface of teeth back to canine
  •  Class III-Sides of front and back of front tooth-left canine to right canine.         
  •  Class IV-Tips of front tooth
  •  Class V-Tongue or cheek side of tooth just above the gum line
  •  Class VI-tips of back tooth                                                                                                                           
  • class I


class II
        We have discussed all about where ,when ,why and how useful are dental cements. We will discuss cement materials used in dentistry in further blogs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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