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TOOTH CEMENTS-Part II....Understanding different Direct restoration cements..!

                       For about 150 years and more amalgam or silver colored fillings were used to fill the cavities.In recent years many advanced types of tooth colored cements have come to role.Bring your tooth back to life with tooth colored filling composite.The entry of new material for filling have not only improved aesthetics but also retains the strength of conventional fillings.

Amalgam vs tooth colored composite:
amalgam vs composite


                        Amalgam is combination of silver,copper,tin,mercury.Mercury accounts for 50% in the combination.Because of the silver color the filling it preferred in back tooth.Dentists use this cements because of its strength and easy handling.Relatively lower cost too.Amalgam has a property of self sealing.

tooth discoloration by amalgam
  • Mercury in amalgam is still a controversy when comes to toxicity to our body
  • The color by itself
  • It imparts color the healthy part of tooth 
  • As this amalgam retains in the tooth based on the mechanical locking..some part of healthy tooth has to be prepared to receive a retentive filling.Thus it weakens tooth.
  • Chances of sensitivity when opposite grinding teeth also has the same filling.
  • micro-leakage at times
            Caries is conservatively removed.Cavity is prepared in such a way to receive a retentive filling.Cotton roles will be placed for isolation of tooth.A base layer of cement will be placed and then amalgam filling will be filled ,condensed with pressure and nicely shaped to tooth's form,finished and polished.Chewing at that tooth is restricted for at least 8 hours.

Were you able to find the filled tooth??
                        Now, Commonly used tooth colored filling is composite cement.Composite is increasingly popular now-a-days because of close to natural appearance and versatility.Shade of the filling can be matched with individual's tooth.Although in the beginning composite were not suitable t back tooth filling because of low strength..advancements have been made for both front and back teeth usage.Advantages over amalgam filling are the natural appearance,Insulation against thermal sensitivity or shock effect.
This is how his tooth was before composite
 In due course of time,color can change from food and beverage you eat/drink
Increased sensitivity for few days after the procedure
Shorter lifespan in larger cavities
Technique sensitive to Dentists
shrinkage can happen

                     Decay removed.Cavity mildly prepared to receive composite filling.Chemical treatment of cavity will be done to increase the bonding of cement with tooth.Bonding agent will be placed.Incremental layer of cement will be placed and each time made to set with blue light.Polishing the final step.You will be given appointment after 24 hours for further polishing and will be insisted not to chew anything at that tooth for at least 8 hours.

Glass ionomer cements:
          GIC is also a tooth colored filling material.It is a silicate glass material with certain acid.GIC is commonly used in children as the procedure can be performed quick and they exhibit chemical boding with no special preparation is required.The cement must be placed within 2-5 mins as the nature of cement is that it get distorted or set in short span.It has a advantage of fluoride releasing property

Poor strength
Not so pleasing appearance as composite
short span
Isolation from saliva and water plays a key role,hence technique sensitive.

               Decay removed.Tooth isolated from saliva by cotton.Cement mixed and placed.Advised not to drink water for an hour and not to chew for 8 hours at least.

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