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whats behind a loose teeth??

WHATS BEHIND A LOOSE TEETH??When a baby tooth looses,its a celebration for the tooth fairy to erupt.When a permanent tooth losses,its worrisome.Once it looses, it wont grow another.Its a sign of something wrong with the ligament and bone that supports the teeth. When an adult teeth feels a bit loose,which is particularly noticeable when you are eating or brushing your teeth.In many cases this sensation will feel worse in the mornings ,and then gradually tighten up during the day.Often this sensation is gone by morning.


1. Once you intake food,food particles accumulates around your teeth,this is normal.If you failed to brush your teeth every 24 hours??? your accumulated food particles gets mineralised and converted to plaque,If the plaque is left undistorted for 12 days???it gets converted to hard calculus, which cannot be removed by normal brushing,Initially you will have mild bleeding while brushing,bad breathe.
In your next stage, the deposits begin to develop beneath the gum line ,an infection can occur, gum line lowers from its normal position.The beauty of this gum disease is you will not have any pain,so you fail to treat it,hence the bacterial infection erodes the bone underneath, as bone is progressively lost ,you notice it only while your teeth becomes loose.
  • Smokers are twice prone to gum disease than non smokers.smoking affects the blood supply to the gums resulting in gum disease.
  • Improper positioning of teeth,difficult to clean them,such teeth are more prone to gum disease.
  • Missing teeth- when a tooth is lost ,it causes the bone surrounding it to resorb,if the lost teeth are not replaced the opposing teeth gets displaced into the empty space and cause gum problem.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy results in gum disease
  • Diabetic patients are more prone to gum disease.

2.Another common reason for teeth becoming loose in the absence of bacterial infection is oral trauma,the small ligaments that holds the tooth roots in place can stretch.Each tooth has thousands of these ligament lined up all around the root,when these become stretched the tooth begin to feel loose.
oral trauma is caused by

  •  Night time tooth grinding./clenching of teeth this condition causes you to sleep with your teeth clenched very tightly all through the night. this results in stretching of ligament that holds the teeth ,this can cause your teeth feel loose
  • Malaligned teeth-abnormal force acting on teeth,stretching the ligament ,that can cause your teeth feel loose
3.Trauma to the teeth...Have you ever have beehn knocked out from a fall or accident or blow during your childhood?even if the tooth does not fall off due to trauma.it may develop infection after months or years later.this infection may cause the root to resorb and subsequently cause loosening of teeth

4.Not getting decay treated: severely decayed teeth gets infected that results in pus formation around the roots of teeth,that loosens the teeth.

Some home tips to prevent loosening of teeth:
  • Brush your teeth twice daily morning and night.
  • Flossing daily
  • Reduce stress by doing yoga or meditation
Once you feel your tooth started loosening,here are some tips to prevent further loosening:

Visit your dentist and know in which stage of gum disease you are in.
  • Deep scaling and root planning,bone graft,gingival graft.
  • Bite adjustments in case of occlusal trauma.
  • Splinting your teeth to stabilize your teeth and this splint is worn around your teeth for two weeks ,this helps to stabilize the ligament around the teeth.
  • In case of night tooth grinding habit ,mouth guard should be worn overnight to prevent trauma due to force.
  • Controlled diabetes
  • Fill your decayed teeth
  • Replace your missing teeth
  • orthodontic treatment - braces for malaligned teeth

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