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Don't let your teeth move after ortho treatment...!

                              Orthodontics is the definitive way to straighten your crooked teeth.It is quite a long process requiring approximately one to two years.But the fruits of the months together labor is wonderful.The orthodontically treated patients are advised to wear retainer or removable clip at nights for months after the treatment to enjoy the fruits of labor .This is to keep all the tooth in aligned position.The tooth aligned to one position tends to rebound to its old position .Thus retainers are in use.This process of teeth rebounding to misalignment is called "Relapse".Many orthodontically treated patients are victim of relapse and this blog explains about it.

Why relapse?
                     The reason we are able to straighten your is because it can be moved.Once this movement has been brought about by us..the teeth tends to get back t its original position on its own.That is why relapse occur.Retainers are been suggested to be worn by the patient immediately after the removal of clip is to hold the teeth is the aligned position until your body accepts it.Retainers are designed in a way to hold the teeth and not move.So not wearing retainers as suggested is one reason for relapse. Periodontal fibres are those help the tooth maintain in position.After the tooth has been moved it generally takes a year to reorganise and solidify.Retainers come to rescue at this period.
                       Wisdom tooth can offend your alignment too.You may have finished your treatment before 20s successfully but a impacted wisdom tooth can push your teeth.This may shift all the teeth to front or together or out of alignment.
                        Teeth grinding can also be a reason.Repeated tension on the teeth can push those out of alignment.
                        As age progresses tooth support can weaken and space can occur.
                        Frenum is the thin of muscle fibres present between lips and gums.This can be pronounced in certain cases which is the cause for gap between two central incisors.During the course of ortho treatment they are surgically removed.If not relapse can occur.

aberrant frenal attachment
How to long last the smile?
                         Once our job of aligning is done your job of maintaining begins.Just as keeping teeth clean a life-time commitment maintaining your ortho smile is a long term commitment.The chance of teeth rebounding is high..but usage of retainers is the easy and cheapest way to overcome this problem. After all nobody likes to go through the treatment for the second time.Initially retainers are suggested to worn immediately and constantly,then nightly later once or twice in a week.Removable  retainer are of the following types.

Clear or invisible type of removable retainer

Conventional removable retainer
                         Fixed retainers can be placed lingually.

Fixed type of retainer in back of the teeth.

                        Pericision-As said earlier periodontal fibres are the ones which hold the teeth is position.During orthodontic treatment these fibres holding the teeth gets stretched and once braces are removed they pull the tooth back again causing relapse.Pericision is the process of disrupting the fibres and this reduces the likelihood of relapse.
                         Frenectomy-A surgical procedure of removing the frenum.
                        If more than mild relapse has occured ortho treatment is again advised.

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