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Lengthy Tooth/ Gums receding down?? ....Facts about why your tooth hurts even if there is no decay...


Is it normal or abnormal?? In your healthy teeth, roots will not be exposed,hence it is abnormal...

You have to brush your teeth twice daily morning and night..
  • If not, the food that you eat gets deposited over your teeth,if it is left undisturbed for 24 hours,it forms a chalky white to brown or green colored band around your teeth ,initially you will have bleeding while brushing ,which cannot be cleaned by normal tooth brushing methods its nothing but the bacteria ,it starts to eat your bone and bone starts to loose simultaneously your gum line lowers and the roots gets exposed,you may have sensitivity to hot or cold drinks since your roots are not covered by enamel , this is said to be gum disease, space between the teeth......if left untreated your teeth becomes mobile.

Brush your teeth twice daily.Controlled diabetes because the is relation between gum disease and diabetes
 Even though you brush your teeth twice daily your roots are exposed??What do you think can be the reason behind your root exposure??

1.Brushing too hard or over brushing may lower your gum line and leads to sensitivity as forceful brushing may abrade your teeth food particles gets accumulated in the abraded area(mechanical force of tooth brush wears away your tooth surface) which results in tooth decay...

preventive tips:no worries !!Here are some tips to protect your teeth...... Dentist advise you to use a medium bristle tooth brush.your deposits are soft so brushing too hard is not required ,you have to brush all the surfaces of your teeth thoroughly with enough pressure and proper brushing technique.
how too correct your abraded area and prevent it from decay....its easy visit your dentist and have a tooth colored filling in the abraded area.

2.Pregnancy ,due to hormonal imbalance, especially in case of second trimester,you may have initial stage of gum disease.
you may have a doubt, if you can undergo treatment during pregnancy??
 yes you can and clean your teeth but no surgical procedures... you can prevent it from further progression to severe stage of gum disease,then gum line lowers and roots gets exposed.
other hormonal imbalance includes your puberty and menopause.

3.In case of malaligned teeth,crowded teeth,teeth outside your jaw towards the cheek,rotated are not able to clean certain areas as you brush cannot reach that area  with lowered gum line,which results in root exposure

Preventive tips:Orthodontic treatment wearing braces helps to realign your teeth in correct position.

4.Family history of gum disease: genetic or hereditary.

5.Forceful biting like night grinding can lower your gum line,
Preventive tips :In such case dentist may advice you to wear night guard in order to reduce the force due to stress.

6.Smoking:Stained teeth ,nicotine present in the cigarettes shrink the blood vessels and weakens the gum ,lowers the gum line.
Preventive tips:Try to quit smoking

7.Piercing of lips and tongue:continuous irritation from lip and tongue piercing can cause your gum line to lower and roots gets exposed.

How to override this problem??
visit your dentist...
  1. Scaling,cleaning your teeth has to be done.
  2. In cases were there is severe bone loss ,dentist may advise you to undergo flap surgery nothing but cleaning your root portion of your teeth known as root planning.
  3. Once your gum line lowers your teeth will give a elongated tooth appearance ,you may look older ,as your roots are exposed.if you notice it initially in mild stage with good prognosis ,it is curable.soft tissue graft and root coverage procedure can be done.
  4. Bone graft can be done but it depends on the type of bone loss,bone grafting has a good prognosis in vertical type of bone loss ,but  has a poor prognosis in horizontal type of bone loss this helps to replace the lost bone.



Roots exposed,giving an elongated appearance to the teeth,tissue taken from some other portion of mouth and grafted in affected area or crown lengthening procedure is done then sutured.suture removed in the seventh day...


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