Wednesday, 29 June 2016

One more case of full mouth rehabilitation-An option to know.

         Presenting you a case of full upper teeth set rehabilitation.

From that to this.

     A young patient reported with a complaint of all front upper tooth worn out with poor face profile.She had a different type of upper and lower teeth bite position.Usually we have upper teeth aligned overlapping the lower teeth.But she had the opposite combination where lower teeth overlapped the upper teeth.This type of occlusion is called CLASS III.This was the reason for poor facial profile and teeth wearing out.

All you can see is the lower teeth.This was her profile-a typical class III

Upper front teeth all worn out due to class III

          First  and ideal treatment option suggested was extraction of all tooth and placing implants.But the patient was young and was all quirky about removal of the teeth at this young age.Concerned about her worries of extraction and money factor, a secondary treatment plan was proposed which was to do root canal treatment for those upper tooth and rehabilitate with cap.But to perform this the height of the teeth was not sufficient.So firstly height of the teeth was decided to be increased by a procedure called CROWN LENTHENING with the help of LASER. 

Can you spot the difference???
RCT was performed earlier and The length of each tooth is increased .

Patient was happy that the whole procedure done to increase the height of the teeth was so smooth with LASERS as it involved a less painful,almost bloodless,less post-operative effects,less time-consuming advantages of LASER.A conventional procedure would have involved all the above mentioned disadvantages and need for sutures.

This is how artificial teeth were given.

Her bite was given edge to edge.That is, her upper tooth and lower tooth were made almost in the same line with upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower teeth improving her profile.

Have a look at the improved bite and profile of the happy patient.

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