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Procedures to undergo before getting a FULL set of TEETH!

Are you advised by your dentist to remove all your teeth???Do you think once after extraction of all your teeth you can immediately take measurements for your permanent complete denture???

First before tooth extraction dentist will check out your medical history.
 If you are medically fit ,then your treatment starts with pre profile photograph and your old photographs to reproduce the same facial profile.

 Your tooth extractions are done in sequential order under local anesthesia,all your teeth are not removed on the same day, you have to come for 3 or 4 sittings depending on the number of tooth present,strictly you are advised to follow the instruction given after tooth removal and medications.After complete removal of teeth ,your gums will take minimum of 15 days to maximum of 30 days to heal completely.

You will be reviewed after 15 days,if healing  of gums and bone are satisfactory.your upper and lower jaw are thoroughly examined by your dentist before fabrication of your denture.

you must first know, what is preprosthetic surgery???
Preprosthetic surgery is done to reshape your hard and soft tissue,this helps to eliminate the hindrance to wear your denture done before fabrication of your denture.

Pre prosthetic examination and treatment:
Jaw bone shaping OR remodeling procedure (alveoloplasty):
This procedure is done in case of 
  • Any bony elevation in jaw bone (irregularities are corrected, jaw bone need not be smooth but sharp edges are rounded and protruded areas are reduced) for equal distribution of your masticatory force. 
  • If the jaw ridge has any undercut it is corrected so that it makes denture insertion and removal comfortable and stable.
  • Additional lump of bone on the jaw or hard palate (tori or exostoses) It is corrected to provide adequate space between both the jaw.
  • labial frenum a thin band of tissue that extends from the upper lip to the upper jaw, it may interfere while wearing your upper denture,repeated irritation may lead to recurrent ulceration ,hence Frenectomy is done.
  • lingual frenum a thin band of tissue , it may interfere while wearing your lower denture ,speech  and tongue movement,hence frenectomy is done.
Unsupported hypermobile tissue(soft tissue excision )
  • Mucosa covering the jaw bone should be in uniform thickness for even distribution of force
Resorption of underlying bone ,reduced jaw height:
  • Bone grafting done(augmentation of bone) to increase height of jaw.
  • To increase the height of jaw and surface area of denture bearing area ( vestibuloplasty)

Case presentation:

Presenting a case of 52 year old female,came to our clinic to replace her missing teeth,she was advised to undergo complete removal of teeth.

        Before extraction                                    After extraction(15 days after healing)
                          advised alveoloplasty

Irregularity in upper jaw and sharp edges

Irregularities corrected and sharp edges rounded

 Finally sutured

clinically preprosthetic treatment should be done for a successfull complete denture.........

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