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Concerned about your child's look?Do the best for them at the right age.

                As we all know a stitch in time saves nine.Orthodontic treatment for your child is also a example for it.We always aim to do 'the best' to kids.The best can come out from giving it to them at the right time.Kids now a days are influenced by their peer groups.The psychological influence to look good and attractive sprouts in them inadvertently.Not only because of this reason...there's is a few more reason to add up to go for orthodontic treatment on or sometimes even before twelve.You may never know how much this can save you and your child.Jaw irregularities can be corrected through just appliances rightly done at growth stage of the child.If missed,correction can be done only with the surgery.So what all should we know or what should we do to give our child the best???
               Parents should know that they should visit their dentist at the age of 5 years or even before....
Gene plays a major role,so if your family members are having malaligned teeth or skeletal problems like jaw too backward or forward,visit your dentist with your kids at the age of 5 years to confirm if your child requires braces or not.

There are two phase of treatment to correct skeletal and dental problem ,first phase of treatment is carried out at the age of 6 to 11 years because it is the growth period ,permanent teeth erupts at this age and you can avoid surgical procedure, if you complete your treatment during growth period. second phase of treatment is carried out above the age of 11 years,95% of permanent tooth eruption completes at this age, this is the right age for wearing braces.

Parents you have to know baby teeth shedding and permanent tooth eruption time table.

  • If your kids losses teeth before the age of shedding ,then space maintainer will be provided by your dentist, to maintain space for the permanent tooth to erupt ,hence your teeth erupts in the right place,helps you avoid wearing braces.
  •  If the tooth does not erupt at the right age immediately visit your dentist.

Baby teeth shedding timetable

permanent tooth eruption chart

Procedure to be undergone during growth period:

  • Expansion of the jaw to eliminate cross bite ,crowding of teeth,narrow arch.
  • Removal of baby tooth for proper alignment of erupting permanent teeth.
  • Maintaining space for permanent teeth with space maintainer, in case of premature loss of baby teeth due to trauma or tooth decay.if not treated then the nearby tooth will occupy space of other teeth, blocking the tooth from erupting, so your teeth gets locked up in the jaw or erupts in the wrong position which results in malaligned teeth ,finally in the later stage the day comes your kid ends up wearing braces.
"If the first button of the shirt is in the wrong hole,then every button will be in the wrong hole",
So if you are careful on the first step,others will automatically fall in place.
  • Removal of extra teeth,because it may interfere with nearby tooth eruption or blocking the eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Jaw growth correction,when the upper jaw is too far back or your lower jaw is too far forward or combination of both can exist,head gear appliance provided.
  • Soft tissue correction -hindrance for eruption of permanent teeth(gums covering the teeth may be too thick preventing the eruption of teeth or thin band of tissue extending from the lip to the jaw(frenum) prevents the eruption of teeth in upper jaw and restricts the tongue movement in the lower jaw,correction by laser exposure of teeth and frenectomy.
Case presentation:
Presenting a case of 10 year old boy came to our dental clinic with the chief complaint of crowding in upper and lower front tooth region,on clinical examination upper jaw is too far back and lower jaw pushed forward(skeletal malocclusion),crowding of upper and lower jaw,narrow upper arch.

upper jaw growth is less compared to lower jaw

collapsed teeth arrangement.
He is cute...but he deserves to be cutest.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      crowding of upper and lower front tooth region
Anterior cross bite
upper jaw is too far back and lower jaw is pushed forward

narrow upper arch

                              palatal expander for correction of narrow arch.

Upper jaw is too far back, this is corrected by wearing head gear  14 to 16 hours day
Wearing braces is the final phase of treatment.

If this child did not go for this appliance or initiate orthodontic treatment at this age........Years later when he wished to correct his look he would have been left with the only option of surgery.Imagine the agony and mindset of the him at that time!!!

Why complicate it for the child,when it can be so simple????

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