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Answers to frequently asked question..part II.Child special !!

Children's special....!!!!!!

Q.1.How do I clean my baby's teeth?
                A soft bristled tooth brush with small head should be used at least once at bedtime.

Q.2.When should I bring my child for first regular dental checkup?
                To prevent dental problems first dental visit is preferred when the child's first tooth come out / right after the first birthday.Regular dental check-ups are recommended once in every two years.Certain kids may require much more frequent dental checkups due to increased susceptibility to decay,unusual growing skeletal pattern or poor oral hygiene.Definite checkups are recommended at the age of 1,6 and 12.Contact your dentist to suggest right appointments for your child.

Q.3.Baby teeth are anyways gonna fall?Are those really important?
                 Primary tooth or baby tooth has its own function.Not only they aid in speaking and chewing ,they act as a guide for the eruption path of the following successor tooth.Deep decay in the baby tooth will also cause pain.Pulling it out is not the solution as the baby teeth has different shedding time.Until the right shedding time they have their assigned work to do.Decay in the baby tooth may also affect the successor.Dentist will suggest you prompt treatment corresponding to the age.

Q.4.What are the harmful habits that I must save my kid from?
              Bottle feeding,thumb sucking,tongue thrusting,lip-biting,nail biting,use of pacifiers are all the harmful habits which may result in decay or poor facial appearance.Children can be restricted from these habits.If not,habit breaking appliance can be used.

Q.5.What is the right way to use tooth paste for my child?
               Choose a tooth paste with IDA seal.Plain paste with no crystals are recommended.Consider a flavor favorable to your kid. Fluorinated tooth paste is must to fight cavities.But the problem is child tends to swallow the paste.Too much ingestion of fluorine is harmful for your child's health and teeth.Thus it is suggested to use only pea-nut size amount of tooth paste.Ask your dentist for suitable tooth paste to your kid.

Q.6.What are the steps to prevent decay?
               Basically brushing is important.Mouth rinsing after chocolates,candy or be it any sticky food helps.Stop the usage of bottle and pacifiers at the right age.Never let your child fall asleep after drinking milk.Milk layer persisted at night and action of bacteria overnight will result in decay.Eating fibrous food will aid in reducing decay.
                As the tooth forms deep crevices called fissure are formed.The union of fissures results in pits.These areas are prone to decay because tooth brush can't really reach that deep.Sealing this area will prevent decay and this is done by DENTAL SEALANTS.Using sealants is a painless and a simple procedure to kids and will often result in major benefit.

Q.7.What to do if my kid knocks out a permanent teeth due to fall?
                  First thing to do is not to panic.Find the tooth,wash it very gently that it is free from mud and try to re-insert in the space.If its not possible place the tooth in milk and report to a dentist immediately

Q.8.How does a space maintainer help?
                    As already mentioned the importance of primary teeth,its better not to pull the baby teeth out.Having made that choice,at least the permanent teeth eruption pathway should be guided.Leaving the primary teeth space empty will result in collapsing of neighboring teeth and hence no space for the permanent teeth to come out.This is why space maintainer is suggested.Affording a space maintainer is always lesser than the aftermath effects corrected by ortho/braces treatment.

Q.9.Tips to stop the habit of  thumb sucking.
                    Thumb-sucking is common for a child.The habit generally stops at 2-4 years of age.Thumb-sucking when the permanent teeth is at the verge of eruption can result in poor facial appearance.Encourage or praise the child when he/she is not sucking.Explain the ill effects of it.Do not force.As the child usually sucks the thumb or finger when he is insecure or needing comfort.Focus on the cause and work on it.If these things don't work remind the child of bitter medication and bandaging the thumb.Visit a dentist for an appliance breaking this habit.

Q.10.When should bottle-feeding be stopped?
                       Children should be weaned from the bottle at 12-14 months of age.If not your child will end up being obese due to intake of unnecessary calories and also the child is highly prone to decay.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Answers to your frequently asked dental questions.....!

               Most of the patients aim at maintaining their oral hygiene in all the ways possible before landing up in a dentist's office.Maintaining the oral health reflects from the tooth care products and patient generally are intrigued whether their usage is at its best.So this blog will be addressing the common questions on dental care products....Brushing up the on the dental products!!!

Q.1.Which is the best tooth paste to use?
               Even though the best approach in finding the best tooth brush is by visiting your dentist,with wide range of products in market you must know the common facts.Basically choose a paste that the Indian Dental Association (IDA) approves.Approval from IDA just means they are safe and effective to use but does not evaluate or endorse its performance.Choose a paste that contains fluoride to fight cavity.We generally recommend a plain paste form over gel form or those that contain crystals.Any plain paste acceptant to your taste will do well.Using any paste will just remove the surface stains.Any whitening tooth paste will increase your shade by one.For better improvements ask for dental office bleaching. Sensitivity tooth pastes are to be used only when the tooth is sensitive.Once the sensitivity decline you can get back to normal paste.
A word of caution for kids: a peanut size amount of paste only to be used so children tend to swallow.Swallowing too much can lead to discoloration of permanent teeth.

Q.2. Which is the Best brush to use?
                  Bristles play a major role in selection of tooth brush.We recommend medium bristles for adults.Soft bristles don't effectively remove plaque.It is recommended only when the teeth are sensitive and post gum treatment for few days.Hard bristles actually damage your teeth by wearing off the tooth structure.Choose a brush that its head portion is suitable for you,that is, it should touch 2 teeth a time.However different head designs suitable for your mouth can be suggested by your dentist.Do not forget to change your brush 3 months once.A fanned out brush means its time for new one.

Powered or electronic tooth brushes are also available.Not much of a difference brushing manually or by powered brushed.Its just Powered brushes get the job done easier.

Q.3.How to choose a powered brush?
                       Powered tooth brushes are easy to be used by

  • patients with arthiritis
  • elderly people
  • braces patients
  • physically challenged people
  • people with maligned teeth
Sonic powered brushes: This brush makes 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minutes compared to 300 per minute when brushed by hand.This brush rotates back and forth ,and that's how a dentist recommend.In addition this brush flushes water between teeth and gum line making it more effective in removing plaque.
This is how sonic brush works.

Electric tooth brushes:Makes 3000 to 7500 strokes.Bristles rotate individually.Effective in gingivitis.

Q.4.Food gets stuck between,just brushing is not helping.Rescue options?
                            Water picks,Dental floss,inter dental brushes are available for rescue.Water pick jus removes the trapped food between tooth or in orthodontic braces.Flossing is difficult to be done during ortho treatment,otherwise flossing regularly will prevent you from decay between teeth.Flossing is technique sensitive at beginning but by practice it becomes as easy as brushing.Flossing is recommended when teeth are in tight contact whereas Inter-dental brushes are used when there are gaps.Get the help from your dentist to know how promptly to use these products.

A waterpik
A inter-dental brush

Q.5.Do I need to use mouth wash regularly?
                              Mouthwash just freshen your breathe.Using a anti-bacterial rinse will ward off gum disease and fluoride mouth wash will fight cavities.But generally a mouth wash  just gives additive effect of mouth refreshing.This may mask the symptoms of gum disease.So regular use it not recommended by us.Its suffice to use post-cleaning or any treatment just for 15 days. Certain mouth washes can stain your teeth.

Other queries will be answered in the following blogs.
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Thursday, 8 September 2016

I might be Temporary but still you got to take care of me....MILK TEETH!...

                        Milk teeth or baby teeth are not just only for chewing.They have a additional work of guiding the adult teeth that is developing beneath it to replace it later.As already discussed each of the permanent tooth has their own erupting time to show their heads off in the mouth.The place for them will be secured by the baby teeth and as and when the permanent teeth is ready they shed off.This is the normal process.This is the reason why saving the primary teeth is as important as adult teeth.
                        Most of us have an attitude that its just a milk teeth,anyways,permanent is on its way.This article may be your eye-opener as baby is THE GUIDE .If baby teeth is lost before its stipulated time,the following can occur

Baby tooth lost or pulled out --->space present---> the neighboring teeth drifts towards the space tending to close the space--->no sufficient space for the adult tooth to come out--->adult tooth either locked inside or grows away from the tooth arch--->crowding,crooked teeth,decay,poor facial appearance :(

For example:
Baby tooth can be lost either due to severe decay or accident or blow.
Few of the baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth by 11-12years but they could have been pulled at even 5 due too severe decay.The space for the adult tooth coming at 11-12years to maintained since 5.if not in the 5 years space the above mentioned phenomenon could happen.

can you notice the teeth are drifted towards the space and the space being reduced?
This a 6 year old kid whose baby tooth pulled off 1 year back where it must stay at least till 11

You might be now worried my baby's baby tooth have lost....what can be done ??

There's a simple solution to it :) -------> SPACE MAINTAINERS.
                     Basically appropriate space for adult teeth must be secured to prevent the above mentioned sequelae. Interceptive orthodontics plays a role now by the use of space maintainers.
As the name sums it all....its just an appliance the maintains the required space.

Space maitainer types;
        1.Plastic: This is a removable one with articial teeth.This is suggested when the space is obviously visible.This can work only with older child as they can follow the direction.Indicated in multiple teeth loss too.

         2.Stainless steel

  • Band & loop:This appliance made of stainless steel has a band or crown which is placed in the neighboring tooth and loop emerges from it which passes the space and touches the opposite tooth.
  • Lingual arch:This is indicated when teeth is lost on both side.This appliance in wrapped around teeth behind the missing teeth and a wire runs along touching inner side/lingual side(so called lingual arch) of all the teeth.This maintains space
  • Distal shoe:This is indicated when first adult molar tooth that comes in 6 years hasn't come yet.This appliance is slightly inserted inside gums as there is no tooth to wrap or stop the band.This play a dual role acting as a guide for the eruption molar teeth and also maintaining space.

band&loop space maintener

Procedure: Just prior, duplicate model of the baby arch is made and the appliance is customised according to in lab then inserted in child's mouth.

Follow-up:Regular visits is must. X-rays will be taken regularly to check the progress of the upcoming adult tooth.

Preserving the primary tooth will itself prevent all the chaos.But its ok,after the loss ;prompt use of space maintainer will save you tons saving from poor appearance and apparent ortho treatment.

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