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I might be Temporary but still you got to take care of me....MILK TEETH!...

                        Milk teeth or baby teeth are not just only for chewing.They have a additional work of guiding the adult teeth that is developing beneath it to replace it later.As already discussed each of the permanent tooth has their own erupting time to show their heads off in the mouth.The place for them will be secured by the baby teeth and as and when the permanent teeth is ready they shed off.This is the normal process.This is the reason why saving the primary teeth is as important as adult teeth.
                        Most of us have an attitude that its just a milk teeth,anyways,permanent is on its way.This article may be your eye-opener as baby is THE GUIDE .If baby teeth is lost before its stipulated time,the following can occur

Baby tooth lost or pulled out --->space present---> the neighboring teeth drifts towards the space tending to close the space--->no sufficient space for the adult tooth to come out--->adult tooth either locked inside or grows away from the tooth arch--->crowding,crooked teeth,decay,poor facial appearance :(

For example:
Baby tooth can be lost either due to severe decay or accident or blow.
Few of the baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth by 11-12years but they could have been pulled at even 5 due too severe decay.The space for the adult tooth coming at 11-12years to maintained since 5.if not in the 5 years space the above mentioned phenomenon could happen.

can you notice the teeth are drifted towards the space and the space being reduced?
This a 6 year old kid whose baby tooth pulled off 1 year back where it must stay at least till 11

You might be now worried my baby's baby tooth have lost....what can be done ??

There's a simple solution to it :) -------> SPACE MAINTAINERS.
                     Basically appropriate space for adult teeth must be secured to prevent the above mentioned sequelae. Interceptive orthodontics plays a role now by the use of space maintainers.
As the name sums it all....its just an appliance the maintains the required space.

Space maitainer types;
        1.Plastic: This is a removable one with articial teeth.This is suggested when the space is obviously visible.This can work only with older child as they can follow the direction.Indicated in multiple teeth loss too.

         2.Stainless steel

  • Band & loop:This appliance made of stainless steel has a band or crown which is placed in the neighboring tooth and loop emerges from it which passes the space and touches the opposite tooth.
  • Lingual arch:This is indicated when teeth is lost on both side.This appliance in wrapped around teeth behind the missing teeth and a wire runs along touching inner side/lingual side(so called lingual arch) of all the teeth.This maintains space
  • Distal shoe:This is indicated when first adult molar tooth that comes in 6 years hasn't come yet.This appliance is slightly inserted inside gums as there is no tooth to wrap or stop the band.This play a dual role acting as a guide for the eruption molar teeth and also maintaining space.

band&loop space maintener

Procedure: Just prior, duplicate model of the baby arch is made and the appliance is customised according to in lab then inserted in child's mouth.

Follow-up:Regular visits is must. X-rays will be taken regularly to check the progress of the upcoming adult tooth.

Preserving the primary tooth will itself prevent all the chaos.But its ok,after the loss ;prompt use of space maintainer will save you tons saving from poor appearance and apparent ortho treatment.

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