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All about GUM DISEASE!!!!

         We are aware of the importance of brushing teeth and having teeth at place.Having all that in mind we forgot the unsung hero-our gums which actually holds the teeth in place,protects from various elements,keep our mouth fresh and healthy and also associated with overall health.GUMS is one the most over worked and usually under appreciated part of the body.We must know the importance of gums as HEALTHY GUMS<------>HEALTHY BODY.

         Gum disease can be proposed as silent killer as we usually don't notice the signs at early stage.Gums disease is caused by bacterial build up in the gum line.The source of bacteria being the deposits in your mouth.The soft deposits can by wiped off by brushing and when this soft deposits hardens due to neglected care,professional help is needed.The bacterial build up in the gum line triggers the immune system causing inflammation and irritation.This is when you notice redness,swollen,puffy gums with bleeding while brushing.This is mildest form of gum disease called gingivitis.If left neglected the connection between the teeth and the gums can be lost by the formation of pocket due to further bacterial build up eats the bone under the gums-severe form.This is when the teeth becomes mobile with doubtful path to salvation.


            left untreated                                         untreated
MILD   ------------->              MODERATE     ------------>           SEVERE
Deposits                             gum detached from tooth                continued bone loss
Redness                              forming pockets                              until teeth falls out
swollen gums                     swelling
bad breathe                         bleeding
bleeding                              pain while chewing
                                            teeth misalignment
                                            sometimes sores
                                            sometimes pus
                                            and bad breathe
                                            Receding gums
The stage can be determined based on the symptoms and bone loss studied under x-ray.


  •  If the body is busy fighting with inflammation with mouth,there will be compromised combat in other areas like in case of lung diseases (COPD,pnemonia)
  •  Bacteria in gums can enter blood stream and accumulate in heart causing heart problems and can also cause stroke.
  •  Diabetes and gum disease have two way relationship.Either of the two can worsen the other.
  •  Studies have found that gum disease and Alzheimer have a connection
  •  Gums disease can cause premature labor


  •  Prevention is always better by proper brushing and maintenance
  •  Milder forms can be treated with professional cleaning called scaling
  •  Moderate form with deeper cleaning called curettage.LASER assisted procedure replaces the conventional procedure and its more effective and its called LANAP.
  •  Cleaning the tooth root by raising the flap can also be performed to save the tooth.
             LANAP is LASER assisted gum regeneration procedure.LASER can target the source of inflammation without hurting the healthy gums,slow or stop down the attachment loss,decreases the pocket and help the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need of scalpel.Thus it is painless procedure,consuming less times and have less post-op effects.

Are you one among the people suffering from gums disease?
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