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Do you have a well formed Tooth Enamel?....An imperfect enamel formation can cause some issues!!

Well Formed teeth are composed of Enamel in the outermost layer, seen in the crown portion. It is harder in density than even bone.

What happens when there is defect in this vital structure, the Enamel?


Enamel is a white, hard substance that protects the inner structures, does not  have any nerves and blood vessels.
Hardness of the enamel is due to the crystals and the minerals present in it .
In general the enamel crystals starts growing undergoes maturation and deposition of minerals occurs, any defect in these steps results in weakening of the enamel.
One hereditary condition called as Amelogenesis imperfecta causes enamel alteration.


GENES are the basic molecular units of all our body structures.
For enamel  namely  Amelogenin(AMELX) and Enamelin are responsible for that.
Genetic alteration causes defect in enamel formation.
In this defect it can alter the size,shape, colour and the thickness of enamel.
Mainly strength of the enamel gets affected due to the inverse relationship of minerals and proteins

May be of

  •  Hypoplastic,
  •  Hypomaturation
  •  Hypocalcified
and the teeth might look like




Amelogenesis imperfecta one of the enamel defect compromises the harmony of the smile and their self esteem.
  • The teeth appear opaque white , 
  • Soft and easily exposes the inner layer i.e more yellowish,
  • Tooth sensitivity,
  • Increased caries susceptibility,
  • Poor esthetics,
  • Problem due to  more friable enamel{chip off in fragments}.
When  these problems arise you should consult your Dentist for treatment as it varies depending upon the clinical discomfort you have.


The management depends upon severity of the condition.

  • Immediate desensitization using Universal adhesive agents(primers) for sensitivity.
  • Use of potassium nitrate containing toothpaste as directed by the Dentist .
  • CPP-ACP (a certain form of protein which helps in remineralisation) containing tooth paste is considered to be effective (among the results of certain studies.)
  • Direct layered composite resins, for minimal destroyed esthetic regions
  • In order to manage teeth with weak enamel and compromised esthetics crowns should be given.The tooth structure should be prepared to receive the crowns as the permanent solution. Adhesively inserted full ceramic/metal ceramic/zirconia  crowns.
  • Another emerging concept includes the role of ozone therapy which acts as an adjunct to prolong the role of CPP-ACP containing agents .(activated form of oxygen)
Pre-operative-Appearance of the enamel

    Post operative after receiving the crown
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