Tuesday, 20 December 2016

EMERGENCY OR NOT in dental conditions

                   Emergency means a kind of seriousness to get a care and management immediately.

                Absolutely yes.
               There are emergency dental conditions,that should be treated as early as possible.

  • Dental cavity
  • Cavity with pulpal pain (during night)
  • Gum diseases
  • Recurrent Boils 
  • Noticeable swelling 
  • Mouth ulcer
  • Teeth pulled out(milk teeth/permanent teeth)
  • Avulsed/ Knocked out teeth
Dental cavity 

Dental cavity actually is an emergency -it is the initial stage of half of the dental lesions .
If the dental cavity is left without treating for some time the bacteria starts damaging the tooth structure , inner layer having nerves get stimulated and creates pain .Dental cavity also starts spreading to the adjacent healthy teeth.
After insisting this information the Dentist will take care of your teeth and prevent an arising emergency.


Tartar present over the teeth surface 

Every one knows that Gum diseases occurs when proper oral hygiene is not  maintained.
Symptoms includes bleeding while brushing, mild generalised discomfort in the gums.
Gum diseases if left untreated the problem causing bacteria will enter into the bone and spread over it. If you make a visit earlier to the Dentist  he/she will find out the reason and make it as healthy gums.

Gum boil presen over the right side of the back teeth
Gum boils  occur as a collection of infection over the gums.
Boils contain infectious fluid within it.
So that it should be drained earlier  for the relief of pain.
It may be of any size whether small or large boils should be treated as an emergency.
The  Dentist will do a small procedure for draining the infection as a emergency management accompanied by a Root canal treatment if required.

Swelling might occur in a diffuse form.Contains infectious substances similar to boils but unlike that it may involve the sides of the cheek and spread above or below the same. Source of  infection.

will be a carious tooth. The sooner you approach a Dentist, the faster you can avoid serous issues
Serious issues might cause LUDWIGS ANGINA:
A condition with swelling that is bony hard and spreads so easier than the above one .It may spread above and below also block your airway .


Ulcer in your mouth may occur because of many reasons namely vitamin deficiency,gastric problem,cheek bite due to irregularly arranged teeth.
But the normal ulcer should heal within 10 days if not then you need to consult a dentist for its management.


If a tooth was knocked out of fallen due to any accident or something be it milk teeth or permanent you should get advice immediately from the dentist . If  it is  a milk tooth the dentist will evaluate your permanent teeth whether it is damaged or not.

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