Tuesday, 6 December 2016

NEEM in TOOTHPASTE.....The benefits of the same!

                   NEEM !!!  has been used widely for its medicinal and dental properties, in chinese,ayurvedic and unani fields.


As in general we know that neem is well known for its antiseptic property, other benefits include the following
NEEM Acts as an anti-septic,
                 anti-oxidant (prevents causing any stress induced mouth ulcers and any cell damage in the                                        body)
                 anti- diabetic ( Its known to control the blood glucose level)
                 anti-mutagenic (preventing cancer causing cell growth)

NEEM tree is benificial as a whole which includes its

  1.  Regular brushing with neem containing tooth paste used for good oral hygiene maintenance                 
  2. Equally effective acts as an adjunct in treatment of oral diseases
  3. water soluble neem as effective as 0.2 % chlorhexidine / i.e It acts as a mouth wash in reducing bacteria that causes cavity
  4. Neem chewing enhances salivation which thereby prevents cavity formation.
  5. Neem extracts reduce the ability of certain bacteria to bind to the tooth surfaces thereby effective against certain bacteria that causes  root  canal infection
  6. NIMBOLIDE a component of neem has anti cancer effect.
  7. Neem twigs used as oral deodarant ,toothache reliever .
  8. TOPICAL use of neem oil acts as an effective agent for chronic non healing wounds
  9.  Has an inhibitory effect over organisms causing gum diseases
  10. Neem herbal mouth rinse inhibits formation of plaque deposits in patients with  diabetes and dry mouth.
  11. Increases the saliva secretion in people with dry mouth.

neem in general

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