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GAPS BETWEEN YOUR TEETH and Treatment options

If YES, look into this..!!!!!
How it looks!!!

It is not that every spacing which you see is a problem, here the age matters . In children, if you notice a spacing, its a healthy one and you no need to worry about it as the permanent tooth which will larger than the milk teeth will occupy this space and there wont be any problem in future.
whereas it is a different scenario if the spacing occurs in adults.

The spacing is more obvious when it occurs in the front teeth rather than the back teeth like the picture which is given below:

Lets now look into the treatment options for this....

Usage of composite in space closure:
In this procedure, a minimal tooth reduction has to be done for adequate retention of the material and the composite is paced over it for the space closure.
Aesthetic closure by Composite
Wear of restoration will happen over a period of time, needs replacement.
You might feel that you have large sized tooth than before.
Discolouration may happen if you take coffee, tea, beverages etc.,

Role of crowns in spacing:
This procedure requires the tooth reduction following the root canal therapy over which the crown is placed. By placing this crown, your space will be closed.Crowns commonly used: metal ceramic, Zirconia,

Braces for space correction:
Space correction can also be done by Dental (orthondontic) treatment. Here the braces are placed so that the gap present between the teeth are closed. But it requires adequate period of time. Permenent retention by a retainer is also reqired in this.
the options which are available for you:


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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"As A parent what do you need to see in your child's teeth/mouth"

In general pediatric oral disorders likely to have  a negative effect on quality of life of children.
Dental treatment is carried out in early stage to prevent future problems .
In case of growing children the functional or fixed appliances can be given according to the children's oral needs.

Today in our discussion we let you to know about certain conditions.

Primary Spacing

Spacing between the milk teeth is a normal feature of children dentition.
These spaces will be occupied by future permanent tooth.
Parents no need to worry about the above mentioned condition.


This is the condition where the parents can see the flaring up of front teeth.
This spacing is normal at the age of 8-11 years above which needs a dental opinion.


In certain children, singe or multiple teeth cross bite may be seen.
The condition resembles the upper front tooth surface lies behind the back surface of lower front teeth.
Management should be done for intervention and the correction of problem.

Most of the children stop sucking their thumb by the age of 3-5 yrs.
This is a normal  condition.
If the children persist the thumb sucking habit  after the age of 6 yrs there is a serious dental issues.
The thumb sucking habit results in forward movement of upper incisors .
Earlier correction of of habit prevents the future dental treatment.
This habit also results in open bite in some children (having small jaws)

JAW BONE CHANGES ( Skeletal discrepencies)

In general, the upper jaw should be ahead of lower jaw minimally. But in some children jaw growth variation results in either the upper jaw grows forward than the lower one or the reverse condition.
Genetic pattern of growth seen in these children.
In these kind of situation early detection of the problem can aid in intervening and modifying the growth.
Functional appliances plays the major role by allowing the growth of particular jaw and restricting the growth of another jaw.
If the problem has been failed to detect in growing phase,during adult stage there will be a need of surgical intervention(orthognathic surgery)
Management by functional appliance

Dental( orthodontic) treatment aids in satisfying certain principles, esthetics and function.
The way of dental treatment has been changing based on the available advancements emerging as days goes on.
Conventional practice includes placing metallic braces and wires for aligning the teeth.

The alternative namely ceramic brackets which are tooth like in colour similar in size and shape as metallic braces that blend into the tooth.

Ceramic Braces


It is a practice of orthodontics which involves the custom made (specifically made aligners for you) aligners usage for tooth movement.
It is preferred due to its high esthetic design.
These aligners should be changed once in two weeks or one month as per required.
During the usage they will shift the tooth gently.
The orthodontic aligners usage should be continued except while brushing/ flossing/ food intake.
Whatever the orthodontic appliance therapy carried out, it should be followed by retention.(it may be of removable or permanent retainer type advised by your Dentist)

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Latest in Dentistry

Modern advancements in our Dental field emerges to facilitate and to cope up with the treatment needs.
It provides an art of treatment for Dental issues.
Today we let you to know about the recent advancements in our  field.


The digital x-rays mainly reduces your exposure to x-rays.(conventional one x-ray film exposure equals to four digital x-rays.)
The digital x-rays uses the most sensitive sensor plates to receive the x-rays to show the images .
The procedure involves placing the sensor beneath the structure to be captured and then the data image was captured and can be viewed as well as stored in the computer for further referral or when the need arises to view.


The intra-oral camera is similar to a digital camera.
What it does is , it can show all the surfaces of the tooth crown ,soft tissues .
The main purpose of using the camera is to explain the present condition of your dental status and also to view accurately.


The Dental loupes are the devices used  by your Dentist to view the small problems more closely by the property of enhanced magnification.
It also makes your Dentist comfortable  in a straight posture while providing the treatment.


The optical scanners are used for replication of three dimensional view of your tooth and also its measurement required to produce a perfect a framework and for the purpose of color analysis in cosmetic restoration.


This technology mainly based on computer aided designing and machining.The measurements  are
scanned and sent to the processing unit .In these unit the crown measurements are replicated in a single block to produce the crown.Minimizes  your visits to the Dentist


As the veneers are already in use the shell like thinner material makes it advanced.
Also there are preparations that do not require the tooth reduction exists. Check our website link for the photos under smile makeover


Bonding agents are used for the purpose of adhesion.
These newer developments are a combination of monomers used to enhance the addition of both enamel and dentin for improving the simplicity  and also the art and science of restorative dentistry

zolar laser

The laser is a coherent ,monochromatic light waves that are used in treating the tissues.
The laser usage occurs because of its enhanced healing effect with minimal bleeding during the surgery when compared with conventional procedures.
There are hard and soft tissue lasers.These advancements makes you much more comfortable.
periodontal abscess pre-operative


The magic wands are nothing but tiny devices  used for delivery of local anesthesia.
In normal technique the pain occurs during injection due to rapid flow of LA.
The wand technique overcomes it.


Implant placement-perioperative
post operative

Thanks to the invention of Dental implants by BRANEMARK.
These were playing a role from 1952 but the modifications made the implants more advanced.
Implants were  titanium post like material embedded into the bone after assessing its bone quality .
There are variations in implants placement such as single stage  and two stage implants.
Nowadays Dental implant success rate increases much better.


These are custom made aligners used to straighten the teeth .
Made of thermoplastic like material,that shifts the teeth as required your Dentist and are invisible.
It acts as an better alternative in teenagers those who need to avoid metallic braces.


The caries detection solution are similar to the plaque disclosing agents .
These includes the use of certain dye like materials that shows whether the caries has been completely removed or not.
This aids in better success to prevent secondary caries.


One more advancement used for caries detection .
Diagnodent are the devices uses fluorescent technology for caries detection.
There are values in assessing the needs of treatment.
The range of 10-15=no treatment;15-30=preventive care;30+ =operative care.

Bleaching therapy

The zoom whitening used in bleaching technique.
It accelerates the bleaching process.
By the use of activating light over the bleaching agent.
In addition the zoom whitening does not induce any changes in the pulpal tissue regarding the temperature.


The root canal treatment involves the removal of infected pulp and replacement with filling material that is safe.
Innovative approach arises such as reinforcement of filling material with nano-diamond particles including antibiotics.
This results in complete removal of bacteria increasing the success rate of root canal treatment.


Another innovative approach for healing is ozone therapy.
The ozone is helpful in eradication of microbes .
Aids in healing and sterile structures free of microbes.


The VELscope is a device which shines inside the oral cavity when there is an abnormality.
Its usage mainly in identifying the cancer forming cells hence used as oral screening device.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

White and Brown spots in your teeth!! How is it managed?/ Dental Fluorosis..


In general fluoride is a caries preventive agent
Fluoride is an electro-negative element acts similar to a double edged sword.
The reason is when the availability increases beyond adequate requirement results in toxicity.
This concept also suits for FLUORIDE intake.


Fluorosis is a developmental disturbance of enamel occurs due to excessive fluoride concentration over the ameloblasts (enamel forming cell) during formation.
The fluorosis causes changes in enamel and dentinal structures and also in fibroblasts cells that is necessary for gain of attachment .
Fluorosis involving the entire dentition


The fluorosed teeth severity ranges from white opacities in mild forms to severe brown pitted forms.
The severity increases only when  the exposure occurs during ameloblasts secretion and maturation.


Fluorosis creates  a displeasing effect of the dentition particularly anteriors.
In fluorosed teeth  there is a greater hypo-mineralized  area in the subsurface region and also because of these increased porosities there will be lowering of the teeth demineralization resistance .
The inner dentinal layer also gets effected in severe cases  results in increased formation of certain lines(incremental lines) and their exposure leads to mechanical damage.
Hence the tooth will be more prone to decay.


After management

There are different managements available for treating fluorosis.
  • Bleaching agents
  • Veneers (composite / porcelain)
  • Full coverage crowns
  • Combination technique includes Micro-abrasion,remineralizing paste, Home bleaching.


Bleaching agents uses hydrogen peroxide(3.5%) or carbamide peroxide(10%).Most commonly used Mcinnes bleaching.
Soft tissue protection is done by your Dentist  to prevent any injury.
These agents remove the surface stains readily and sometimes causes tooth sensitivity .
To overcome tooth sensitivity , addition of potassium nitrate containing tooth paste throughout the bleaching therapy aids in desensitization.
ADVANTAGES:simple,low cost,safe to use in young permanent teeth,non-invasive technique.


Veneers are tooth colored shell like material placed over the teeth after a mild preparation.
These  laminateveneers made of composite or porcelain.
Direct layering of composites can be done in single visit.

In certain people the full coverage crowns can be given .
Using ceramic like material after a complete preparation all over the tooth .

Micro-abrasion uses acidic and abrasive agents (37% phosphoric acid and pumice mixture)
This technique is well suited for surface opacities whereas those inside the tooth structure well treated by bleaching agents.


It includes the combination of micro-abrasion,remineralizing paste and home bleaching techniques.
In this procedure the 0.2mm of minimal tooth structure reduced which is affected then the aplication of  remineralizing paste should be done.
In home technique involves the night bleaching tray with remineralizing paste placed into the mouth for certain weeks after the micro-abrasion during night.
For the application of remineralizing paste other than night bleaching ,should be placed all over the tooth surface and wait for dissolution for enhanced effect.
The reason behind is the components of the paste has remineralizing substances that absorbs hydrogen and increase the effect.
Remineralizing agents

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Antisnoring appliance therapy


Snoring is a kind of sound arises from the tissues of the nose,mouth and throat as vibration due to obstruction during sleep.(sleep breathing disorder-obstructive sleep apnea)
Occurs as a problem worldwide.
It can occur at any age group .Men are affected more than women.
Seen frequently in overweight people.
It affects the sleep ,increases the strain over the heart, decreases the oxygen level in the blood .


Snoring occurs as a result of air pathway obstruction.
It may be of any cause-

  • Deviated nasal bridge,
  • Allergy,
  • Sinus infection, 
  • Nasal overgrowth,
  • Poor muscle tone,
  • Tonsil enlargement,
  • Large soft palate

The reasons vary accordingly,it happens as any of these causes obstructions the adequate volume of the airway gets decreased results in snoring.


The sleep breathing disorder should be diagnosed by the general  physician using certain investigations .
Management includes CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure)
This phase of treatment cannot be tolerated by certain people .
In those people alternative management includes Anti snoring devices.

Anti snoring device

These are the oral appliances indicated in mild to moderate degree of patients having breathing disorder .
These devices resembles sports mouthguards in appearance that should be placed into the oral cavity .
Namely MAD-Mandibular Advancement Devices,
These devices forces the lower jaw down and forwards or retains the tongue in the position to prevent snoring.
ASD management


  • Simplicity
  • Reversibility
  • cost effectiveness
  • Better tolerance
  • Dental discomfort
  • Dry mouth
  • TMJ pain
  • Bite changes

    The oral appliance therapy acts as an alternative management for CPAP and not indicated for severely affected patients.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Safety goals followed in your Dental Office

Measures taken by The  Dentist regarding your safety:

  1. The Dentist improves the accuracy in identifying the problem by doing some investigations for providing care,treatment or services.   
  2. The Dentist obtains an update of your medical/dental history regarding treatment or any allergies to any medications
  3. The Dentist focuses on both verbal and non verbal communication, concentrates on phone calls mainly to verify the information given by you for twice and also standardizes acronyms and short forms.
  4. The Dentist checks for medications regarding lookalike or soundalike and also their expiry , presence of emergency drugs.
  5. The Dentist maintains the safety of dental instruments usage regarding the prevention of any accidental fall or injury.
  6. The Dentist reduces the risk of any transmission of blood borne infections to the patients in the Dental office by following various sterilisation techniques. 
     7.The Dentist obtains an informed consent from you.The main purpose of the consent is  to  inform you about the pros and cons of the following treatment procedure.
       8.The Dentist examines your oral cavity and explains about your condition also the treatment options available for you and insists on the correct option.

        9. Also considers radiation exposure only when it is required for the oral condition under the Dental principle of ALARA.(use of Digital X-rays)
 The Dentist also guides you on preventive aspects (Brushing technique,flossing and mouth rinsing)  and encourages on regular check up for your healthy gums and teeth

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Full mouth Rehabilitation....Correction of one or more problems related to your teeth!

Correction of decay,missing,stained,chipped,minimally crowded tooth, can be done by a full mouth reconstruction.
Reconstruction procedures for full mouth includes
  • Fillings,Inlays,Onlays for decay
  • Veneers for esthetic demand such as stains may be of intrinsic (tetracycline like drug consumption minimal severity in defects such as enamel ,dentin-amelogenesis imperfecta )or extrinsic(tea,coffee,tobacco like stains) 
  • Bridges  for missing teeth 
  • Implants  for replacement

Dental restorations used for sealing the cavities created by bacteria.
It includes many fillings.
  • Amalgam
  • GIC
  • Composites
  • Direct filling gold

Louis regnart has been considered to be Father of Amalgam.
One of the oldest of all the materials .
It is nothing but an alloy of two or more metals of which one of the constituent will be mercury.
There are more than six generations of amalgam 
Certain studies has been reported regarding mercury toxicity ,controversies are still seen.
Alternate constituents for mercury came into play namely Gallium.
But gallium containing alloys exhibited postoperative sensitivity and high cost.
Amalgam filled cavity

Reported by Wilson and Kent in 1972.
It is a combination of glass powder particles and polyacids.
GIC has been in practice because of certain properties namely
Biocompatibility (highly acidic ph maintains only for 20 mins and then returns to the tolerable ph) ,
Anticariogenicity (this is due to the free fluoride ions release into the tooth structure)
and Esthetic demand (tooth colored material) meeting property.


Composites are the 3D combinations of two or more chemically dissimilar materials with properties superior or intermediate to those of the  individual components.
Has been used as Direct and Indirect esthetic restorative material(tooth colored material).
While planning for a composite restoration ,when  proper Isolation is achieved the more will be the success rate of the restoration.
chipped enamel
corrected by composites


Being a noble metal gold has been used as  a filling material in previous years.
Pure gold has been manipulated to adhere to the tooth structure.
It has been indicated in cases to seal a small cavities.
There are negative impacts over the gold filling namely esthetics,increased condensation force to compact into the cavity,high cost.

These are the restorations considered when the cavity width is within one third of the tooth structure in chewing surface.
Requires two visits : one for tooth cavity preparation and the other for insertion after  getting from the laboratory
When the width increases involving he cuspal portion of the tooth,onlays should be considered.


Dental veneers deals with certain defects to correct them.
They are very thin in nature made of tooth colored material like shells placed over the tooth structure after a minimal or no preparation according to the type of defect.
There are direct and indirect technique of veneers.
It includes composites, porcelains.
In direct technique,after a minimal preparation composite has been placed over the tooth enamel in increments and cured .

 Smile change over by veneer


Bridges also called as fixed partial dentures utilizes support from the adjacent tooth.
For this the adjacent tooth should be in good strength and to be ready to withstand the forces that has been delivered.
In certain stages , the adjacent tooth may not be in a proper position to provide adequate support in those conditions ,modifications can be done to deliver the bridges.
It may be of many types namely: complete metal ,metal ceramic,ceramic,zirconia  are available.
According to the needs of the patient,bridges can be delivered.
metal ceramic bridge

cemented into patient mouth


Nowadays Dental implants became the hopeful replacement according to the condition of the patient.
In general implants was introduced by Branemark in 1952.
Implants are nothing but bio-compatible components that are placed inside the bone to enhance structural and functional connection with the bone.

Implant consist of body ,fixture and the prosthesis.The placement of implants can be carried out after assessing the systemic and oral hygiene of the patient.
Systemic conditions such as presence of bleeding disorders,undergoing steroid therapy,osteoporosis.
To find out mainly the bone quantity and quality for placement of implants.
They are made of titanium - bio-compatible material and there are variants such as threaded and non threaded.
Types mainly vary by the stage of placement of implants such as single stage or double stage implants.
During the in between period for healing as well as to enhance the bone -implant interface bonding.
The implant success rate depends on the stability .

The reconstruction procedure should be done according to the demanding needs of the patient.
implant placed
prosthesis recieved

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