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"As A parent what do you need to see in your child's teeth/mouth"

In general pediatric oral disorders likely to have  a negative effect on quality of life of children.
Dental treatment is carried out in early stage to prevent future problems .
In case of growing children the functional or fixed appliances can be given according to the children's oral needs.

Today in our discussion we let you to know about certain conditions.

Primary Spacing

Spacing between the milk teeth is a normal feature of children dentition.
These spaces will be occupied by future permanent tooth.
Parents no need to worry about the above mentioned condition.


This is the condition where the parents can see the flaring up of front teeth.
This spacing is normal at the age of 8-11 years above which needs a dental opinion.


In certain children, singe or multiple teeth cross bite may be seen.
The condition resembles the upper front tooth surface lies behind the back surface of lower front teeth.
Management should be done for intervention and the correction of problem.

Most of the children stop sucking their thumb by the age of 3-5 yrs.
This is a normal  condition.
If the children persist the thumb sucking habit  after the age of 6 yrs there is a serious dental issues.
The thumb sucking habit results in forward movement of upper incisors .
Earlier correction of of habit prevents the future dental treatment.
This habit also results in open bite in some children (having small jaws)

JAW BONE CHANGES ( Skeletal discrepencies)

In general, the upper jaw should be ahead of lower jaw minimally. But in some children jaw growth variation results in either the upper jaw grows forward than the lower one or the reverse condition.
Genetic pattern of growth seen in these children.
In these kind of situation early detection of the problem can aid in intervening and modifying the growth.
Functional appliances plays the major role by allowing the growth of particular jaw and restricting the growth of another jaw.
If the problem has been failed to detect in growing phase,during adult stage there will be a need of surgical intervention(orthognathic surgery)
Management by functional appliance

Dental( orthodontic) treatment aids in satisfying certain principles, esthetics and function.
The way of dental treatment has been changing based on the available advancements emerging as days goes on.
Conventional practice includes placing metallic braces and wires for aligning the teeth.

The alternative namely ceramic brackets which are tooth like in colour similar in size and shape as metallic braces that blend into the tooth.

Ceramic Braces


It is a practice of orthodontics which involves the custom made (specifically made aligners for you) aligners usage for tooth movement.
It is preferred due to its high esthetic design.
These aligners should be changed once in two weeks or one month as per required.
During the usage they will shift the tooth gently.
The orthodontic aligners usage should be continued except while brushing/ flossing/ food intake.
Whatever the orthodontic appliance therapy carried out, it should be followed by retention.(it may be of removable or permanent retainer type advised by your Dentist)

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