Thursday, 19 January 2017

Latest in Dentistry

Modern advancements in our Dental field emerges to facilitate and to cope up with the treatment needs.
It provides an art of treatment for Dental issues.
Today we let you to know about the recent advancements in our  field.


The digital x-rays mainly reduces your exposure to x-rays.(conventional one x-ray film exposure equals to four digital x-rays.)
The digital x-rays uses the most sensitive sensor plates to receive the x-rays to show the images .
The procedure involves placing the sensor beneath the structure to be captured and then the data image was captured and can be viewed as well as stored in the computer for further referral or when the need arises to view.


The intra-oral camera is similar to a digital camera.
What it does is , it can show all the surfaces of the tooth crown ,soft tissues .
The main purpose of using the camera is to explain the present condition of your dental status and also to view accurately.


The Dental loupes are the devices used  by your Dentist to view the small problems more closely by the property of enhanced magnification.
It also makes your Dentist comfortable  in a straight posture while providing the treatment.


The optical scanners are used for replication of three dimensional view of your tooth and also its measurement required to produce a perfect a framework and for the purpose of color analysis in cosmetic restoration.


This technology mainly based on computer aided designing and machining.The measurements  are
scanned and sent to the processing unit .In these unit the crown measurements are replicated in a single block to produce the crown.Minimizes  your visits to the Dentist


As the veneers are already in use the shell like thinner material makes it advanced.
Also there are preparations that do not require the tooth reduction exists. Check our website link for the photos under smile makeover


Bonding agents are used for the purpose of adhesion.
These newer developments are a combination of monomers used to enhance the addition of both enamel and dentin for improving the simplicity  and also the art and science of restorative dentistry

zolar laser

The laser is a coherent ,monochromatic light waves that are used in treating the tissues.
The laser usage occurs because of its enhanced healing effect with minimal bleeding during the surgery when compared with conventional procedures.
There are hard and soft tissue lasers.These advancements makes you much more comfortable.
periodontal abscess pre-operative


The magic wands are nothing but tiny devices  used for delivery of local anesthesia.
In normal technique the pain occurs during injection due to rapid flow of LA.
The wand technique overcomes it.


Implant placement-perioperative
post operative

Thanks to the invention of Dental implants by BRANEMARK.
These were playing a role from 1952 but the modifications made the implants more advanced.
Implants were  titanium post like material embedded into the bone after assessing its bone quality .
There are variations in implants placement such as single stage  and two stage implants.
Nowadays Dental implant success rate increases much better.


These are custom made aligners used to straighten the teeth .
Made of thermoplastic like material,that shifts the teeth as required your Dentist and are invisible.
It acts as an better alternative in teenagers those who need to avoid metallic braces.


The caries detection solution are similar to the plaque disclosing agents .
These includes the use of certain dye like materials that shows whether the caries has been completely removed or not.
This aids in better success to prevent secondary caries.


One more advancement used for caries detection .
Diagnodent are the devices uses fluorescent technology for caries detection.
There are values in assessing the needs of treatment.
The range of 10-15=no treatment;15-30=preventive care;30+ =operative care.

Bleaching therapy

The zoom whitening used in bleaching technique.
It accelerates the bleaching process.
By the use of activating light over the bleaching agent.
In addition the zoom whitening does not induce any changes in the pulpal tissue regarding the temperature.


The root canal treatment involves the removal of infected pulp and replacement with filling material that is safe.
Innovative approach arises such as reinforcement of filling material with nano-diamond particles including antibiotics.
This results in complete removal of bacteria increasing the success rate of root canal treatment.


Another innovative approach for healing is ozone therapy.
The ozone is helpful in eradication of microbes .
Aids in healing and sterile structures free of microbes.


The VELscope is a device which shines inside the oral cavity when there is an abnormality.
Its usage mainly in identifying the cancer forming cells hence used as oral screening device.

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