Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Safety goals followed in your Dental Office

Measures taken by The  Dentist regarding your safety:

  1. The Dentist improves the accuracy in identifying the problem by doing some investigations for providing care,treatment or services.   
  2. The Dentist obtains an update of your medical/dental history regarding treatment or any allergies to any medications
  3. The Dentist focuses on both verbal and non verbal communication, concentrates on phone calls mainly to verify the information given by you for twice and also standardizes acronyms and short forms.
  4. The Dentist checks for medications regarding lookalike or soundalike and also their expiry , presence of emergency drugs.
  5. The Dentist maintains the safety of dental instruments usage regarding the prevention of any accidental fall or injury.
  6. The Dentist reduces the risk of any transmission of blood borne infections to the patients in the Dental office by following various sterilisation techniques. 
     7.The Dentist obtains an informed consent from you.The main purpose of the consent is  to  inform you about the pros and cons of the following treatment procedure.
       8.The Dentist examines your oral cavity and explains about your condition also the treatment options available for you and insists on the correct option.

        9. Also considers radiation exposure only when it is required for the oral condition under the Dental principle of ALARA.(use of Digital X-rays)
 The Dentist also guides you on preventive aspects (Brushing technique,flossing and mouth rinsing)  and encourages on regular check up for your healthy gums and teeth

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