Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Crown in your hands

This discussion let you know about the basic measures you should know to maintain your oral hygiene after getting your crown fixed.
Crowns in front teeth 

  • Adequate brushing  should be done on your teeth and your crown.

  • Next step of care will be Dental flossing.

Dental floss
Flossing done by piece of thread that will be sufficient to hold it in your hands for cleaning all over the teeth.
While dealing with flossing the thread should go inside and to be removed  over the natural tooth surface this precaution should be carried out to prevent any dis-lodgement.
Flossing should be done gently and not to hurt the gums.
In general the crowns that cover above  are made of  ceramic like hard material that strengthens the remaining weakened tooth structure.
Below the crown margin there are the soft tissue gum line that area should be devoid of bacteria as it is more prone to decay results in loss of tooth structure.
  • In case of foods intake mainly the sticky candies ,taffy,like substances tends to disturb your crown.
  • Then the biting of ice cubes should be avoided as the temperature changes also influences the strength of your crown.
When the bridge is given there is a chance of food debris accumulation underneath the bridge or the one replacing the missing teeth.Because bridge is the false tooth that replaces the natural one.So perfect hygiene is the must to increase the longevity of your crown.
Bridge in back teeth region

  • Special care should be taken such as floss threader .
  • Inter dental brushes.These brushes aids in adequate cleaning

Inter dental brush cleaning the sides of the teeth 

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What IF Your root canal is re-infected??

The scope of peri apical management  has been extended .
This procedure aims at root end infections.
The peri-apical surgery is one type of management of lesions that mainly deals with the lesions that present over the root end which is severe and is highly infectious.
This kind of surgery is the last hope in preserving the tooth.
The peri apical or root end surgery is needed when the infection has  not been removed and it exist as persisting lesion.

This surgery involves certain steps such as

  • - Anesthesia provided by your Dentist
  • -Root canal treatment completed by your Dentist followed by periapical surgery.
  • -Elevation of soft tissue present over the lesion to expose the bone
  • -Removal of outer bone that is present over the lesion(osteotomy)
  • -Then next to the root exposure removal of the lesion should be done by using instruments such as curetts(curettage)
  • -The infected root end should be removed .
  • -Retrograde/reverse filling materials should be placed
  • -Bone graft materials has been placed to induce the adequate bone growth.
  • -Your Dentist will give some Sutures  to hold the soft tissues in place.
  • -During the checkup visits Your Dentist will verify adequate healing.

Pre-operative  infected left central incisor
X-ray image showing periapical lesion
 in the left central incisor

                               Root canal procedure completed followed by periapical surgery
Removal of periapical lesion during the procedure

Placement of bone graft
to enhance the bone growth 
 Suture placement after  the procedure

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Measures to relieve pain during Braces treatment!

Braces which we commonly know will help to correct our teeth position. We need to face somediscomforts like ulcer, pain etc when the treatment is going on.

HERE we will see some tips to reduce pain when the braces treatment is on process.

Ice pack:
ice packs
Not only ice packs will help to reduce your pain, even the cold foods will be helpful.

Heating pads : 

Heating pads can be used when the ice packs are not responding to  pain.
If heating pads are not available the alternate thing which will be helpful is warm wash cloth .
Salt Water Gargling:
salt water
Normal warm salt water gargling or rinsing will help in minimising some sort of pain. Swishing for around 60 seconds is enough to reduce irritation.

Gum massage:

The force we apply over the tooth also exerts the pressure in the gums.This will create a pain during tooth movement.In order to avoid it we can  try our gum massage which means we have to just apply our finger pressure over the gums to massage it .

Soft diet:

In between the dental visits of braces treatment,pain may occur due to change in wires. During these days, intake of raw vegetables and coarse food will be difficult. So , its better to take softer diet such as smoothies, yogurt, soups, mashed potatoes.

Orthodontic wax:

The orthodontic wax can be placed over the braces in the areas of irritation.

Mouth guards:
mouthguards to shield braces and teeth

The mouth guards are plastic like material that is shaped in the form of  your teeth .
The guards help to protect the  teeth as well as braces .

Frozen teething rings
teething rings

Teething rings are effective when they are frozen.take one of the teething ring into your mouth and chew it over the teeth where it hurts you.

 Local anesthetics:
anesthetic gel

Relief of pain can also be done by trying out anesthetic gel such as orabase .
massage of the gums can be carried out by having a small amount of gel as directed.
This method relieves the pain effectively

Pain killers:

The last go will be the pain killers .Intake of painkillers should be carried after the opinion and proper dosage advised by your Dentist

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How far can you go to save your Teeth??? Here are the options!


Yes .There are various modes of treatment options available to help you.
Among those things one of them will be root canal followed by post and core


A dental post and core is a type of a restorative material that has been placed into the tooth only when the root canal is completed to provide support  for stabilization or strengthening the remaining  weak tooth structure.


In case of front teeth having significant  damage such as

injured front tooth
fibre post
- proximal decay,
- loss of one third tooth portion,
- esthetically unacceptable reasons.

In case of back teeth
- having a little or no coronal tooth structure
- with increased risk of fracture .

The treatment requirement also based on
- the functional demands of the teeth,
- its importance in providing support to the adjacent prosthesis.
The post should serve the purpose of tooth structure preservation as well as retaining the  core build up


Based on the method of availability:
 prefabricated post
   -Metal post
 (made up of titanium ,stainless steel and nickel chromium )
   -Zirconia post
   -Fibre reinforced composite


grossly decayed back teeth
x-ray of the above tooth
root canal treated

metallic post given

The post and core treatment aims at strengthening the tooth , requires complete cleaning of root canals and RCT should be done one day prior   so that the next day involves the placement of post

pre -op image
post op ,
core build up done

replaced with  zirconia crowns
Your Dentist will choose the  right type  of post based on the clinical condition of your teeth.
ADVANTAGE of placing the post  is
- provision of better retention and
-to strengthen the tooth structure


Before receiving the crown a core should be done using a restorative material over the post .
Then the modification should be carried out to receive  a crown  similar     to tooth preparation as done in natural tooth
The core replaces the tooth structure that has been lost due to caries or fracture and retains the final crown in place .

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