Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Crown in your hands

This discussion let you know about the basic measures you should know to maintain your oral hygiene after getting your crown fixed.
Crowns in front teeth 

  • Adequate brushing  should be done on your teeth and your crown.

  • Next step of care will be Dental flossing.

Dental floss
Flossing done by piece of thread that will be sufficient to hold it in your hands for cleaning all over the teeth.
While dealing with flossing the thread should go inside and to be removed  over the natural tooth surface this precaution should be carried out to prevent any dis-lodgement.
Flossing should be done gently and not to hurt the gums.
In general the crowns that cover above  are made of  ceramic like hard material that strengthens the remaining weakened tooth structure.
Below the crown margin there are the soft tissue gum line that area should be devoid of bacteria as it is more prone to decay results in loss of tooth structure.
  • In case of foods intake mainly the sticky candies ,taffy,like substances tends to disturb your crown.
  • Then the biting of ice cubes should be avoided as the temperature changes also influences the strength of your crown.
When the bridge is given there is a chance of food debris accumulation underneath the bridge or the one replacing the missing teeth.Because bridge is the false tooth that replaces the natural one.So perfect hygiene is the must to increase the longevity of your crown.
Bridge in back teeth region

  • Special care should be taken such as floss threader .
  • Inter dental brushes.These brushes aids in adequate cleaning

Inter dental brush cleaning the sides of the teeth 

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