Thursday, 9 February 2017

Measures to relieve pain during Braces treatment!

Braces which we commonly know will help to correct our teeth position. We need to face somediscomforts like ulcer, pain etc when the treatment is going on.

HERE we will see some tips to reduce pain when the braces treatment is on process.

Ice pack:
ice packs
Not only ice packs will help to reduce your pain, even the cold foods will be helpful.

Heating pads : 

Heating pads can be used when the ice packs are not responding to  pain.
If heating pads are not available the alternate thing which will be helpful is warm wash cloth .
Salt Water Gargling:
salt water
Normal warm salt water gargling or rinsing will help in minimising some sort of pain. Swishing for around 60 seconds is enough to reduce irritation.

Gum massage:

The force we apply over the tooth also exerts the pressure in the gums.This will create a pain during tooth movement.In order to avoid it we can  try our gum massage which means we have to just apply our finger pressure over the gums to massage it .

Soft diet:

In between the dental visits of braces treatment,pain may occur due to change in wires. During these days, intake of raw vegetables and coarse food will be difficult. So , its better to take softer diet such as smoothies, yogurt, soups, mashed potatoes.

Orthodontic wax:

The orthodontic wax can be placed over the braces in the areas of irritation.

Mouth guards:
mouthguards to shield braces and teeth

The mouth guards are plastic like material that is shaped in the form of  your teeth .
The guards help to protect the  teeth as well as braces .

Frozen teething rings
teething rings

Teething rings are effective when they are frozen.take one of the teething ring into your mouth and chew it over the teeth where it hurts you.

 Local anesthetics:
anesthetic gel

Relief of pain can also be done by trying out anesthetic gel such as orabase .
massage of the gums can be carried out by having a small amount of gel as directed.
This method relieves the pain effectively

Pain killers:

The last go will be the pain killers .Intake of painkillers should be carried after the opinion and proper dosage advised by your Dentist

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